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Originally Posted by hboogz View Post
It's not so much of a problem more than, as you said, the lack of variety. I've lost a lot of weight but I'm about 25 lbs off my ideal weight.

You could try to work some of those foodstuffs you may be craving into your daily calories. At least if you've been dieting for quite some time it's a good way to cut yourself some slack. I'm not advocating "cheating" per se, as in going over your maintenance calories, but to just allow maybe 1 day every 2 wks where you're at maintenance and work in some of the foods you like.

If your diet is spot on for 90% of the time, the other 10% wont fuck you over (unless you have a binge ED, but I surmise that's not the case here).

I totally get if you want to be super strict too, that's cool as well.
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Originally Posted by hooya2 View Post
I know what you mean. I was 500+lbs and just lost about 378lbs. the journey was tough but well worth it. I look fantastic in everything now and your wife thinks so too, she cant keep her hands off me now.

So how much do you weigh now then? I'm trying to do the math.
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Originally Posted by hboogz View Post
I've seen these type of threads come and go pretty often and they are or, rather, can be inspiring. My only issue is, these threads never delve into the actual foods consumed and which foods have been completely eliminated or have been abated slightly.

For those that have mentioned losing upwards of 100lbs -- congrats btw -- could you talk about what your diet looks like? Is it greens, nuts, lean protein no refined sugar...wash, rinse repeat ?

I do the clean eating (read: oatmeal with fruits and flaxseed oil, low-sodium turkey on multigrain, or lentil soup with a salad, grilled chicken and roasted veggies w/ hummus) often, but find it hard to stay on that course day in and day out.

I agree 100% with what people are saying here. It def starts with diet, then followed by gym. I have dropped 15 pounds in 2 months by eating better while also going to the gym less. I have cut out all simple carbs and starches (white bread, white rice, potatoes, sugar, desserts) and have substituted them with complex carbs (buckwheat, 100% wheat bread). I dont eat many carbs but when I do eat them its complex carbs only.

This means alot of fresh veggies, salads, lean proteins (grilled chicken breast, lean beef), unsweeted coffee, etc. it was really hard at the beginning because I would eat enormous amounts of carbs. Its very difficult in the beggining as I kept getting headaches from sugar withdrawals but it was all downhill after two weeks.
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i was just looking at pictures of me at 280 then vs 215 now and i think i liked being huge better
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Originally Posted by CharlieAngel View Post
Diet is about 80% of how you look. Just changing your diet will do more for your appearance than simply adding exercise to your daily grind. Add both and it's even better, of course, but the overall majority of people would look vastly better just by eating better.

This is the truth, and its in the medical literature. BUT... while weight loss is diet, keeping weight off apparently requires exercise.

Its best not to overwhelm one's self with too many changes at once. Eat less while maintaining protein intake (otherwise you'll be losing a lot of lean/good mass), get that going for a while, and when you get some weight off but hit a plateau (usually from metabolism slowing), start with exercise to jump up the metabolism.

I've lost 40lbs like this, from 205 to 165. Size 36 waist to 32.
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Originally Posted by mickyjashuas View Post
Exercise is essential for weight loss, Stay focused on being healthy, not on becoming thin, Be cautious about bread, choose high fiber, whole grain loaves, Have an apple before dinner, it fills you up and provides lots of fiber, Keep moving, dance around the house while making the bed and doing chores.

Originally Posted by aurther View Post
Well, exercise is essential to lose weight, be careful on the bread, choose high fiber, whole grain bread, an apple before dinner, it fills you and provides plenty of fiber, moving, dancing around the house while making the bed and cleaning.

strong copy pasta
post #37 of 43,00.html This is a very interesting article about why exercising doesn't necessarily help one lose weight. Granted, most people who are making lifestyle changes will both eat better and exercise more. However, this means that for those who can't dedicate time to exercise for whatever reason, do not have to despair. Alternatively, Tabata protocol anyone?
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Yeah, it's really not new news that diet > exercise, when it comes to weight loss.

It's a shitload easier to create a 500-1000 cal daily deficit by diet than by exercise.
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I've raced bicycles the past few years & I'm familiar with Tabata - I do intervals but not Tabata style - though I've always been meaning to work them in when I'm short on time. In my experience, its much easier to lose weight w/out exercise. The problem is the body isn't designed to lose weight, it designed to maintain weight. There is no way to maintain a daily strenuous Cardio workout while in a calorie deficit. Go ahead and try it - you won't have enough energy to get through the day let alone to do your daily work-out. Youre going to have to eat more. The end result will be you'll have a stronger cardiovascular system & will turn some fat into muscle. You might actually gain weight... However, if I'm mostly sedentary (which happens due to crashes & other circumstances) I can cut my calorie intake significantly & the calorie deficit won't effect me much.
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Originally Posted by bob99 View Post
Around June I decided it was time to clean up my diet and start exercising more regularly. I've been at it for about 3 months, and the change has been great. I was shopping today, trying on clothes, and I was shocked at how much better I look. It's much more fun to go shopping when you're happy about how you look!

I went cold turkey, and cut out all junk food / snack food / bad food. When I'm eating out for work, I just order whatever the healthiest option is. I'm also going to the gym 5 times a week, doing weights and riding an exercise bike. It's definitely taken dedication, but it has been 100% worth it.

I haven't been weighing myself regularly, but I've easily lost 25lbs (down to 175 from 200) and it's become enough of a habit that I'm excited about going forward.

Start today! Trust me, you'll enjoy it!

Awesome Bob...great job...keep it up man!
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losing FAT (i'm assuming this is what you mean by "weight" loss) is SIMPLE: eat less calories than you burn.

all that other stuff about macronutrients, processed foods, trans fats, etc. don't matter and is just marketing to get you buy other people's products, foods, and services that you don't need. they're just creating a demand/need that doesn't exist.

with that said, fat loss is SIMPLE, but not necessarily easy because eating in a caloric deficit does suck. there's just no way around it. i don't recommend exercise too because it's horrible bang for the buck and a grossly inefficient use of time. would rather not spend that 5 minutes eating that 1000 calorie burrito or spend 3 hours running off those 1000 calories?
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Weight lose tips :

- Drink 9-10 glass of water per day
- Do regular workouts
- Avoid outside food
- Reduce your stress level
- Drinks green tea
- Sleep Enough
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