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How often do you buy a pair of new shoes? - Page 4

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Only 4 for the year and it's stopping there. Pair of casual canvas slip ons E-bay AE tassels MTM Russell Boots Alden Cordovan wingtip boots, just ordered from leathersoulhawaii. This is the reason I'm absolutely stopping for the year, my fun buying account is dried up. They won't get here until next callender year though so technically I could bump them to next years purchases. Creative accounting is fun. I retired a pair of boots and two other pairs of casual shoes so I'm really only up one pair for the year and if all goes well I'll finish wearing out one more pair before the year is over leaving me on neutral ground. I'm not even playing the same game as most of you but I still have fun.
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Lightweight list here for me compared to the majority.
7 pairs

AE Colton
Baldenssarini Cordovan by C&J
Polo Alton by C&J
Tom James burgundy wingtip by C&J
Testoni Monkstrap
R.M. Williams Craftsman
Loake Norwich

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Only four this year...so far. All brown coincidently enough...
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3 from last year: Grenson's Masterpiece black Jodhpur boots from PS sample sale JM Weston borgued captoe from JM Weston sale Santoni mocassin (of course from Santoni sale) 3 this year red chukkas and brown leather sneakers from Asprey JL brown dbl monkstrap
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I've bought 4 pairs this year and will probably buy more before the end of the year. I've been doing this for years and I enjoy it.

Obviously, I have more shoes than any reasonable rotation needs. Some of my oldies but goodies I can't bear to part with. But I enjoy giving shoes I don't wear anymore to friends and charities.
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5 pair.

2 CT/Loakes
2 AE
1 EG

(but my eyes are on another AE, and I can't wait until the next EG sale)
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Anybody want to kick their habit and start by giving away their current collection to me? I'm a size 9.5 PM me for mailing address (don't worry i'll foot the shipping)
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Make mine 8 just added these Crockett & Jones for Richard James

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I buy shoes in streaks, but I average one pair every two months or so.
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13 in the past 12 months.... i have to stop there..... i'm saving up for a dress watch.
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Hmmm, I hate this, but if I can't stand to say it I shouldn't be buying them.


Alden penny loafers
Alden 683s
AE Leeds
AE Fairfax 3 pr
AE Colton
AE wingtip
AE loafers
Cole Haan Benchmade in England wing tips
Polo penny loafers 2 pr
Polo Alton Suede
Polo Tellman
Polo Benton
Polo MacKay Captoe 2 pr (black and Edwardian)
Polo PL Grant in Dark Oak
C&J Weymouth in Dark Oak
EG Chelsea in Burgundy
John Lobb Sutton in Chestnut Museum Calf
Barker Black burnt pine Captoe
Bontoni whole cut with medallion in Chestnut

I think that is about it excepting a MTO EG going on.

Is there some reason why the progression always goes up in price?

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Originally Posted by stach
I am on a mission to wear out shoes that I have. I only buy replacement shoes now because of closet space. So far I purchased two pair this year, and thrown out two pair.
I am glad to see that I am not the only one having a closet space problem!
I am seriously wondering what kind of closets some guys here have...
I recently refrained from buying a pair of shoes because I didn't know which pair I should throw away.
I think I have bought three pairs of shoes this year (one pair of brown or chestnut Ferragamos and one pair of light brown Ballys -a nice and rare colour it was-, and during sales a pair of blue Bally sneakers that I count as shoes because I feel that the leather is good quality and that they look great with white or beige denim or other light colour cotton trousers).
(I actually didn't through any shoes away because I found a way of getting more shoes into the closet, but now I have decided that the limit is definitely reached).
(I will definitely buy less shoes in the future because I am ideologically against consuming more than what you actually need, although on the other hand I have no brown ankle boots and I could really do with a pair of those)
(Oh, I just detected that I forgot three pair of Clarks shoes (I think it is a Spanish brand) that I bought this year, they are quite inexpensive (around USD 130 at retail price, normally 30% of during sales) and very comfortable for walking. However, they are not to be worn with a suit; I use them in my free time, great for walking my doggies. They are of a kind of suede-like material -I have forgotten the name of it- and quite resistive to dirt.
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One pair of bespoke or two pair of EGs a year. This coming year it will probably be a pair of tan two eyelet derbys for spring and summer wear from Tony Gaziano.
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I just detected that I forgot three pair of Clarks shoes (I think it is a Spanish brand)

Clarks is an English brand. Or at least used to be.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel
For the past three years, I have been a "shoe-aholic" as well.

2003: 8 pairs

2004: 17 pairs

2005: 7 pairs

2006: 3 pairs (so far). In a little over an hour, I shall be departing for the A-E outlet at Cabazon, where I expect to purchase three more pairs (and possibly a pair for my boy). I have sworn that this MUST hold me for at least year. A-E has abetted this by introducing positively NOTHING that fits me well in their past three collections (Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006).


A little update, I only bought two pairs for myself--the Wilbert in caramel and the Colton in chestnut. I bought the Cameron loafer in chili for my stepson. I decided to pass on the Slaytons, which for whatever reason just didn't seem that comfortable, despite being on my favorite last, the #4. This means my personal shoe purchases will be limited to five (in all probability) for 2006. I promply applied a coat of A-E Cleaner & Conditioner, followed by successive coats of A-E polish in Chestnut, Dark Brown and Merlot to darken up the Coltons so that they were more to my taste.
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