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How often do you buy a pair of new shoes?

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Hi everyone,

how often do you buy a pair of working shoes? Normal would 2 pairs be sufficient to last at least 1 year?

Thank you.
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I think even an $80 shoe from Banana Republic could last one 6 years with decent care. If one was to spend $200+ i'd say 10 years with the same service. Some here would even say bespoke or MTM shoes could last long enough to be a hand me down
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Four pair so far this year, and that probably makes me something of a lightweight in these precincts.
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Two pair this year.
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According to my wife, much too often. In my opinion, much too seldom. This year, already five pairs bought (a number which doesn't get me even close to the premier league here), all for a good reason (good reason= need it/ love it/ bargain or a combination of those).

The problem, when you become a shoe addict, is that shoes quickly accumulate because they wear less and last longer, under the influence of three factors : 1. you wear them less often 2. on the average, they are higher quality shoes and 3. you take proper care of them ...
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Now that I have enough shoes for a decent rotation, I tend to buy only when I see them on sale locally, in catalogue, or while traveling.
My problem is I have a 13 c/d foot, so if I see it on sale, I buy it.
This calendar year, three counting casual wear.
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Since 1/1/06 I have bought three pairs of what I would consider "nice" shoes, one pair of Bruno Maglis, a pair of Ferragamos and some Dolces. Now, I've also bought some crappy sneakers and stuff in there for running, but I don't count that as shoes, that is equipment .
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7 pairs this year....might get one more pair before the year is over
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I think I've bought about 10 this year so far so I guess about 1 a month or so. Hope to buy one more shortly and then I'm taking a breather and going big game hunting in December, Hungarian style!!!!!!!!
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waiting for aportnoy's answer to this one...

i'm at 2 pairs for this year.

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I am on a mission to wear out shoes that I have. I only buy replacement shoes now because of closet space. So far I purchased two pair this year, and thrown out two pair.
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Five so far this year.

The sad thing is that my old "good, dress shoes" are now getting pushed out. It is funny how one begins finding fault with their current shoe when they become knowledgeable of the better quality items that are available. Naturally, as i get rid of the older shoes, I will want to replace them with more new shoes, and the collection begins to grow.

But it certainly is fun!
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Originally Posted by gamelan
waiting for aportnoy's answer to this one...

You and me both!
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Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a shoe addict.

Now that we've established that little fact:

39 pair of shoes and boots this year -

26 pair last year - 15 remain in rotation

19 the year before - 4 remain in rotation

and yes, that is 58 pair in the current rotation, excluding trainers, sandals, etc.

As a result, I've no remaining shoes in my rotation which are less than AE/CT (Loake) quality. Unless I find a particular bargain, I'll not be making additional purchases until the January EG sale.

And I too am awaiting Aportnoy's numbers
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