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What to wear (shirts) with a jacket and jeans? Pics?

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Considered posting this in MC, but I wanted more streetwear, less classic focused answers. For those of you who wear a sport jacket, like a blazer, with jeans, what kind of shirt do you wear with it besides just a t-shirt? Don't get me wrong, I get good reactions and compliments to this outfit, but I have a lot of dress shirts that are getting lonely. If you wear a dress-type shirt, do you tuck it in? I always feel a bit strange tucking a dress shirt into jeans, but I also don't want to wear a t-shirt with jacket all the time. I look much better in collared shirts, IMO. Plus I feel like I'm dressing my age a bit more, I guess.

When it's cold I can get around this by wearing a peacoat which nearly serves the same purpose as a jacket (style wise) but covers up the tails of a dress shirt to avoid that pesky problem. I could also wear a thin sweater with a sport jacket.

For reference, I'm talking about a very slim 60s black jacket, almost always worn with very slim APC NSs, and often chelsea boots or occasionally Vans if I'm lazy. I have a couple of other jackets I will break out when it gets cooler outside.

Here's a recent pic to at least show the jacket.
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It may sound perverse, but in colder months, I like a blazer, turtleneck, ivy league cap and jeans. Makes me feel like Il Duce.
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Originally Posted by Flame
It may sound perverse, but in colder months, I like a blazer, turtleneck, ivy league cap and jeans. Makes me feel like Il Duce.

ivy league cap?
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I usually take a page from my mentor: No, I'm not kidding.
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shox + blazer?????? wt
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I was referring more the untucked shirt, t-shirt, blazer routine.
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Originally Posted by whodini
I usually take a page from my mentor: No, I'm not kidding.
Haha, yeah I've pulled a page out of the HOUSE book before, Distressed jeans, Chuck Taylor High-tops, graphic tee, and a untucked relaxed button-up shirt (minus the cane) Anyways, this is a take-off on that look, but with a dressier button-down shirt and a pair of raw jeans for a tad less casual look I'm wearing black with red stitching/inner lining hi-top chucks.
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I usually wear white shirt (high collar neck with two buttons, rather large, but pointed lapels), tucked in, or I go with various Paul Smith floral shirts.

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I've found that one way to wear a dress shirt with a sportscoat and jeans without looking like you just forgot to bring pants is to wear the shirt (which must be slim, btw) under a similarly slim v-neck. A soft collar (like in a Steve Alan or a Dries van Noten or Martin Margiela) shirt is really the way to go. No French cuffs unless you want to look like Eurotrash circa 1999.

Of course, it helps when the jacket is cut slim like that (it's actually imperative), and usually it's a better bet when it's made out of a sturdy material - tweed, corduroy, moleskin (my favorite,) cotton twill, or boiled wool, for example
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I usually go with the dress shirt - both tucked and untucked, depending on the rest of the outfit. I used to hate tucking dress shirts into jeans, but I'm coming around on that. Especially with slimmish shirts, the tuck can look pretty sharp. If the shirt is too long, I can't stand having it untucked anyways. One look I really like is the dress shirt tucked with jeans or slim cords (517's) and a v-neck sweater, with or without blazer, and some chukkas or monkstraps. It's a variation on the John Cassavettes in Rosemary's Baby look, which I always digged (dug?) edit: Jinx! LA Guy beat me to the v-neck.
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turtleneck looks great with that ensemble...I imagine there are plenty of turtleneck days in seattle.

I like to wear various patterned buttonfronts, usually Paul Smith or Duncan Quinn so they fit really slim and close to body. I can't ever wear it untucked tho, I feel like a walking pile of laundry. So I tuck 100%

I've seen polos look good with a jacket, but the jacket has to really be well tailored slim otherwise it looks terrible.

Odd Jacket + jeans is pretty much my daily fall/winter wear
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Turtlenecks or v-neck sweater recommendations: +1 on both. If the button-up is cut slim enough, I have no problem tucking it in. But it has to be really slim, and for me, at least, the jeans have to be either slung low or just very low rise, because otherwise it starts to look a little "mom jean". YMMV. I *do* wear button-ups untucked with an odd jacket, but I only do it with relatively casual button-ups (usually soft collar) that are either specifically designed to be worn untucked, or that I've had hemmed to just around or below the belt line. The problem with dress shirts untucked, IMO, is that they're too long, and end up making you look like you have a ridiculously long torso. I have a few shirts that I know I will basically never wear with a suit (either because they're too loud or too casual) that I just had tailored to sit right below the belt line in front. Side note: Does anyone else have trouble finding odd jackets that are short enough to wear effectively with jeans? Or do I just like my jackets particularly short?
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Originally Posted by skalogre
ivy league cap?
Stelios, this was what I'm was thinking:
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Ok, most everybody will probably find this old and trad and ignore me but I really feel that button down collars work under a jacket open without a tie. The main reason is that your collar points always stay where they're supposed to be and don't flop over your lapels but there's also the soft unfused comfort factor as well. A few companies make tailored fit versions of their shirts that are much less baggy than the original versions. Additionally I'm sure that Jantzen or any other shirt maker can do a nice soft unfused button down in a slim shirt. I keep thinking I want to have Jantzen make me one but I've never actually been that close to having it done.
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I agree with that ....I prefer buttondown collars with a jacket too. I had Jantzen make 2 shirts that are real slim thru the body but with tall rounded buttondown collars. Looks good if yer going for a modern twist on late 50s/early 60s ivy style. Tucked of course.
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