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I just purchased the Burberry tweed coat. Seller went out of his way and hand delivered it today, as per my request. He did it in spite of his busy schedule and i greatly appreciated that. Seller is definitely recommended.

Unfortunately, the coat is too big for me. I don't want to hijack this thread, but if anyway is interested in it PM me and i will pass it on at my cost.
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Price Drop
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Just got the green pants. Beautiful.
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Snagged a LP Storm System jacket - honestly like it better in person than in the photos - and yes, the lining *is* that awesome. Some XXL guy is going to luck out with the last one!
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Just got the linen RLPL pants. Great product, great seller.
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Even More Markdowns
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Major New Markdowns!!!
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Tens Of New Suits Posted!
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The big guys get all the cool stuff!
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, lots of win but nothing in 42R
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I've seen the RLPL tailcoat and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD, the best you could comprehend.
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+ 1000

No love for tiny dudes
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You need a new camera.
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New camera... new pic hosting service??? I can't view any because of 'exceeded bandwith'? Do I personally need to upgrade to 'pro' or...?
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