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What should i wear with this?

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1 What can I wear with this?
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They really look like they'd go with almost anything. I'd wear them with an Oxford or polo. As far as colors, I'm going to have to give you advice following colors that I like, so your preferences may vary. If I owned them, I have a nice white Oxford with varying blue stripes (some lighter/some darker, thick/thin) that I would wear with them. Also, black, white, or navy would look nice. Again, various polo shirts or even the right crew neck or v-neck t-shirt (once the weather warms up) would go fine.
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umm. Unless I got the wrong link.... They're JEANS. I'm pretty sure they can be worn with just about anything.
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...and pair them with those pointy cowboy-esque looking boots (can't remember the name) that appear to have finally made their way from Europe, albeit a year later.
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I'm going to attempt to revive this thread. There've just been so many about $3000+ suits and shoes (shoes?) lately that I feel that the younger and younger at heart guys have got to take back some bandwidth. (Besides, my date was a dud, and I'm bored.) They are jeans, so pretty much anything will go with them, but here are a few suggestions and abjurations. 1)\ta hooded sweater (not a sweatshirt hoodie) layered under a corduroy jacket. For the hooded sweater, try the New York label Cloak. Dolce Gabbana and Helmut Lang both cut pretty nice jackets, as does Cifonelli. 2)\tA military style sweatshirt - in either neutral colors (blue or olive) or womething brighter. If you can't get yourself down to ye olde military surplus, try A.P.C. at www.apc.fr. They cut slimmer and sharper than the genuine anyway. 3)\tAn untucked shirt, and this is critical unless you are super skinny or super French. Blue, black, and brown are classics. I personally like orange. Stripes are also good, but if you wear diagonal stripes, you are either going to look great, or like a complete moron, depending on your ability to pull it off. Anyone who looks like they could come from New England old money or an Idaho farm should stick with the classics. 4)\tA t-shirt. I like the ones at www.upperplayground.com. 5)\tA t-shirt and moleskin blazer by Helmut Lang or Costume National 6)\tI hate to say this, but, a Juicy Couture velour hoodie. 7)\tA short sleeve camp shirt over a long sleeve tee. Designers have also made shirts with the "look". Don't fall for that. Mix and match Remember, both shirts should be fitted unless you want to look like a fratboy 8)\tCholo wear - a Madonna and Christ t-shirt, for example. Think Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet 9)\tA formfitting western shirt, either a designer version (Gucci next season, retail ~600) or the real deal (~20 vintage, or ~50 at some chi-chi place like the Denim Doctors, who are great, BTW) 10)\tFootwear is easy. Repeat after me: sneakers for kicking around, desert boots for everything, and Chelsea boots for the evening.
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thanks for all the reply guys..much appreciated.
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