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Bonobos Suits

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There was an older thread regarding Bonobos Suits, but they have since released a newer line. Has anyone tried these suits? Are they decent quality?

I realize they are not going to be "nice" suits, but how do they stand up to Brooks Brothers and J Crew?

Is the fit comparable to a Fitzgerald cut? I am a rather slim guy (5'10" and 145) and prefer a slim cut.

Thanks for any feedback.
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A friend of mine ordered one and loves it. He says the fit is perfect. That said, he knows nothing about suit quality, so I can't speak to that. In general I find their stuff very nice, but the suits are a little expensive for a brand that's unproven in that area. Can't hurt to try I guess with free shipping both ways.
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They fit terribly on their own models.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
They fit terribly on their own models.

I would agree with you on that. I always hate the pictures they provide.

I own five pairs of their pants, all casual, knock-around pants. I have never purchased anything that I would consider "nice," but I do like the way their straight-leg pants fit.
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Looks pretty unwearable. Pulling at waist and crotch, buttons at ribcage, rise inadequate, comically short. The optional flared leg is the cherry on top.
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I do like the pants that they still make in New York, but they have since started farming a lot of their other products out to China (e.g. shorts). I took a flyer on their suit out of curiosity because they do have an excellent return policy and because it had been mentioned on their Facebook post that they were canvassed. They have since retracted that as they are obviously fused suits. Fit was horrible for me...I'm a 46 jacket with a 33/34 waist and it was extremely boxy on me. Once I found out they were fused, I intended to return them anyway.

J Crew is probably a better fitting suit for the same quality and price range IMO.
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I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you very much.
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Horrible. I can't get past the name. Sound like BOZOS or BANANA BOAT to me.
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I have the nailhead suit and have been very happy with it
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I met a guy who works for them. He's a nice guy.
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Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post
Horrible. I can't get past the name. Sound like BOZOS or BANANA BOAT to me.
This is a bonobo: They want to you look like an ape. They don't offer longs or regulars, it looks like the suits are all shorts. They have a short jacket length and short trouser rise. It would seem like you need to be under 5'8" to look okay in their suits. As said before, the models look terrible.
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That's the guy that I met. Nice guy.
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What do you guys think about the Alma_Mater Blazer that was released yesterday? I think I'm on the fence with it - but maybe that's just because they butchered the styling (a popped collar on a blazer? Come on!)

There are referral codes out there for $50 off but even so I'm still not sure if this coat justifys the price tag?
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its classic ivy prep to pop the collar on a blazer du...
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Originally Posted by phoenixrecon View Post
its classic ivy prep to pop the collar on a blazer du...

Didn't realize that - at least the collar from what I can tell doesn't have a ridiculous color underneath it.

The ribbon on the cuffs feels a little Thom Browne ?
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