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Style recommendations.

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I guess I'm a fashion retard. I have no idea when it comes to good clothes. Basically I'm looking for some overall guidance in clothing selection for this coming fall semester of college. If you have been watching, then you've probably noticed that I've been buzzing around asking these atomic questions, but what I'm realizing is that I should just seek advice to get some general guidelines as to how to select clothes/fabrics/styles/etc.

I'm putting together a complete wardrobe and would be delighted to get opinions/guidance/etc.

t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, winter coat, shoes (dark color and light color), hoodies, track jackets, etc.. are the things I'm looking into purchasing very soon.

I like loose-fitting jeans. I like t-shirts with sleeves that fall closer to the elbow than not.


African american

New York, USA

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It might help if you posted examples of styles that you like (on a celebrity, rockstar, etc)

It might not hurt you to browse the selections at online sites like

etc etc

see what catches you eye and at least figure out what you want to look like
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Like Get Smart said, find some outtits on others that you like. You could flip through GQ and Esquire and scan or just describe the stuff here, in addition to the sites GS suggested. You might also try
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wear clothes that fit! that is probably the number one thing i have learned at SF. know your measurements. yeah, each manufacturer sizes differently but you need a reference point. wow, 192 posts and i'm a senior member? i'm getting a little amongst yourselves... -Jeff
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