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After spending the evening in these, I'm definitely keeping them. They are beginning to mold to my foot already and are extremely comfortable, once I got past the initial length worry (thanks for the pic, that's almost exactly where mine hit too!) looking forward to many good years (and maybe a pair of beef rolls).
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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

I have. There are plenty of pics in the thread

Link what you posted......I'm not seeing them.
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I picked up the Steven Alan peanut mocc chukka for a steal last month. i hadnt tried them on until tonight when as soon as slipped my foot in, the top stich on the middle of the heal just came undone from the leather. it isnt the stitch that tore. its the actual suede.  harrumph. anyone know if this is a difficult fix? I'm kind of pissed off that that even happened. The shoes are the perfect size for me, so it must have been a poor stitching job too close to the end of the leather. I'll attach a pic here. i dont want to spend what i paid for them in shipping to steven alan or rancourt. it seems like an oversight in QC.



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UGGGH...this is bad news for me bucsfan. However, GREAT NEWS for you!


It means you're pushing me further and further to the Cordovan boat shoes.


They'd get wet here A LOT here in Tampa, but they look so cool.

Now how can I hide the fact I have $600 boat shoes from certain people peepwall[1].gif

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PSA: Need Supply has a khaki suede Ranger Moc with RLH sole in a 9, on sale plus 20% off:

Not my size.
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Again, does anybody know why their MTO page locks up so frequently?  Does anybody know how to avoid this?

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Anyone else have trouble with their web site?

Every time I try to access their "Made to Order" page, I get a server error.


Here's what I did to fix it:

I can view their pages on the default settings for the site. However, if I use the page's drop down menu to try to adjust the page to view more than the 16 items that is the default, then it crashes, and stays crashed. Repeat attempts to visit the page give a server error.

So, I went to my browser tools and cleared the cache and cookies. This allowed me to revisit the Rancourt pages without crashing. (But I still can't adjust the view to see more than the default 16 items at once, or it crashes again.)

So, clear your cache and cookies, and revisit the pages, but don't use any of the drop down menus to view more items than is on the default.
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Rancourt sizing question:

In Alden shoes, I am a perfect 10E in the Barrie last. My normal running shoe is either a 10.5 or occasionally an 11.

If I'm doing Rancourt's made to fit program, should I just order a 10.5E and 11E?, or should I go with a 10.5 and a 10?
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Order placed yesterday for these Venetian loafers, excited:

Caramel Cordovan
Tan Hand sewing thread
Double leather sole w/heel
Natural edge stain
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Should be great!! Post pics once they arrive
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Happy 4th. Rancourt via RL.
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#madeinmaine #madeinusa for July 4th. Green shell Ranger Mocs. A little dusty from festivities.

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Something interesting from Leffot: red unlined shell Ivy loafers by Rancourt.

I wonder if this color is available directly from Rancourt.
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Originally Posted by NNNN View Post

Sorry about the delay, I haven't been around here much lately. A few things: I love the unlined with no socks combo. 
It's not harsh as far as I'm concerned, and I think the shoes tend to breathe better. 
They are pretty loose and I tie them tight, but they are comfortable.
Unfortunately I don't have any Aldens for a reference point. I have a pair of Red Wing chukkas in 6D that fit best with thick socks, if that helps. I would definitely recommend getting the Made To Fit shoes, probably in 6D and 6.5D (they don't have a 5.5E), especially because the MTF shoes they send are Venetians. 
 Heel slippage in the Venetians will be important to look out for, and keep in mind the Ranger heel is not as high as the Venetian, and you can can't make the Venetians tighter with laces. As a bonus complication, I tried on some Quoddy Blucher mocs today and the 5.5 was tight and the 6 was loose. What the hell?

Thank you for your response. I am still worried about the sizing and can't make the decision yet...I don't think I should order in size 6.5d, what Katie from Rancourt suggested. I doubt it since I could fit 5.5D Alden Modified last. According to them, their sizing is slightly bigger than Alden's, thus they recommend to go for a 1/2 larger than my Indy's. However Indy uses very wide last which is unusual. It's a wider than Red Wing or Wolverine competitor. My indy fits me well with thick socks.
I am not sure if I should use their MTO program because I am afraid to pick two wrong sizes (and my budget is tight, too T_T). My size could be 5.5D or 6D or 6E or 6.5D.
I see a pair of Venetian on ebay right now (luckily) and checked the actual measurements (11" long x 3.75 wide @ widest on the outsole) - they are of course, way too long, and even a 1/2 size down from it(=6.5D, which Rancourt suggested) seem still big to me. Width seem to be ok, it might be too narrow on my feet.
Now, would you mind giving me the actual measurements on the outsole of your Navy Mocs? I believe that's most trust worthy.
I am very sorry to bug you many times, but I believe it's worth asking before making the decision.
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