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Originally Posted by makewayhomer View Post
that pic was sent to me by rancourt, I dont actually own it. they sent me a bunch others as well

cool. can you post the rest? im interested in seeing them.
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If i get to a point where i could work in a moccasin, this is where i'll look, that penny loafer looks perfect. The pricing seem very reasonable for the level of percieved quality, just have to wait till some people take them for a test drive.
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Can anyone on the Rancourt loafer sizing vs. the Alden LHS (van last) ?
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Originally Posted by Dewey View Post

Can anyone on the Rancourt loafer sizing vs. the Alden LHS (van last) ?

Dewey, just got my pinch pennies in today. Ordered in my LHS size for sockless wear. They were snug out of the box. Within two hours they had conformed like a slipper. Could have done the same with a thin or medium sock and I think I'd have enough stretch to accommodate.
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Was at Brooks and saw these Rancourt chukkas. Look better in person.* While I went down half a size in my pinch pennies, these were TTS. Good price.

*The depicted shoe must be a small size, because the height of the ankle collar is much lower in my 11.5s, which I think makes them look better for a two-eyelet boot.
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Saw them at BB too, just some 2 days ago. Unfortunately, they don't have 14E, since I would not mind getting some Made in USA chukkas and boat shoes.
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Posted on the Alden Thread as well - but wanted to give a shout out here for Rancourt and Kyle for this great Chukka make up.  Black Chromexcel with the neutral sole edge and tempest sole.  Came in a great package with shoes bags and horn.  First wear is today

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Double green shell
I love Rancourt. Kyle is a great guy to deal with!
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I actually really like those moc/chukkas. It's an interesting combination that IMO has potential to really look like some sort of abhorrent Frankenshoe (at least in my mind) but I think they pull it off nicely.

I actually just ordered my first pair of Rancourts today - a pair of the ranger-mocs. I imagine them being my go-to casual shoe basically year round. Once I receive them, depending on how much I like them, I'm looking at turning right around and ordering the navy cordovan beefroll penny loafer.
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You know - i never thought much about the Frankenshoe perspective - but I can easily see how this chukka/moc could go wrong.


They suit my daily business casual wardrobe and the leather sole brings just enough "dress shoe" look to hide the fact this is a moccasin ! (they feel like slippers!)


I'm already thinking of a pair of venetian loafers for the summer

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Hey, thanks for answering the question about the sizing vs. the LHS. The LHS is so good for guys with lower arches (flat feet). Are the Rancourts as snug across the top of the foot?
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could i ask about sizing again.
what would Rancourt loafer sizing compare to, say, Alden barrie size 8?
(sorry, i don't own LHS, so don't know the comparison)
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Re: Sizing - those boots above are a 9.5 and i where a Alden Barrie size 9 if that helps.  they fit ever so slightly loose - but going down a size would be to tight

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Could these be Rancourt for RL?



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more than likely, yes
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