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Hello I was just wondering if anyone here has experience buying from this site. and if they sell authentic products.Thanks
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I'd be very suprised if it wasn't authentic; that's a rather sophisticated site. The WHOIS goes to Italy too.
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Thanks pal.Have a good day.
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Hi. I think they are , but prices are very high. I got some jeans and shoes from and according to Men`s store in Montreal- all are real. And the price is much cheaper.
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I would avoid this one. Remember all you are seeing are pictures. What is strange about this site is that they provide no addresses, just cell phone numbers for contacts.
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bought a pair of shoes from they don't even look authentic. Didn't ship with any tags or the original box. A total waste of money. They feel like 50$ dollar knock offs. The threads are loose, the shoes smell of cheap plastic ... AVOID !
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oh somebody delete this shit
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Funny how both the people plugging Loveandchic have 1 post isnt it?
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Prada is Unique Brand which we can say have Worshipers - not customers. Prada people love luxury and tradition. They do not like to shine - they glow. Prada customers do not like to brag they are wealth, they are confident with superiority. You will find Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail in every Prada item - shoes, wallets, fragrances or t-shirts. Each product makes a statement.
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^ haha! awesome! Prada customers in their vast superiority don't feel the need to get shirts that fit or worry about ugly belt buckles. Why? because when that gaudy red tag is showing, it all just doesn't matter.
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Versace is a Brightest Star at the Fashion Stardom. We say Versace- we mean luxury lifestyle, glamour parties, mix of color and sensuality. Rich and expensive fabrics and exclusive design are give unforgettable look not only to Versace evening gowns , but also to jeans and t-shirts.
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Holy shit.. LOL
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Originally Posted by oaw01 View Post
Holy shit.. LOL

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Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum View Post
Funny how both the people plugging Loveandchic have 1 post isnt it?

This is my second post and also the first one was about Loveandchic. And I also have strong doubts about the site. I bought three shirts from them and in two of the shirts there were holograms that seem to be fakes. Here´s picture of the other one:
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