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Best suit in terms of price

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Hi, My question is what is the best brand for suits under $1000. I wish I had more money to buy suits but I am finanically strapped. If someone knows a good tailor that makes suits for under $1000 and is in NYC, that would be great also. Thanks
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Well, I don't know as much about clothes as the rest of the crew, but I am an expert in having a tight budget I would say that if you pay retail, Canali, Corneliani, and Zegna (not Zegna soft) are all very decent suits-- much better than Hugo Boss or Armani le collezione. Canali and Cornelani should cost about $500 to $600 on sale or at Bluefly, and Zegna might run about $900 on sale at a department store. I'm sure you can get much better brands on ebay, though for under $1,000. Others on here have better experiencethere than I do, but I would look on Ebay for Brioni, Oxxford and some of the other higher ends to see of you could get them for $1k or under. I think I saw a Zegna Napoli Couture suit for under $1k the other day, and as I understand it, that is a very fine suit indeed.
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My new 3 button charcoal grey super 150s Corneliani suit came from Ebay- I paid a whopping $210. Unreal bargain. The suit is terrific, I highly recommend the brand.
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As has been pointed out, buying a Brioni or Kiton or Oxxford etc. on sale is your best bet. Finding one for under $1000 is not a problem. If you were forced to pay retail then Corneliani or Hickey Freeman represent the best values in my opinion.
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