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Thoughts on Muji?

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Just came across their store in NYC as I was walking around Times Square. The price point was reasonable, but I didn't have time to try anything on. Any thoughts on quality and/or fit?
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I have a pair of linen pants and a u-neck shirt I often wear to bed. Shirt fits pretty ok (not sure if the US stuff is different sizes though) and is really soft, pants are really baggy but comfortable to sleep in. I dont wear any of the stuff outside of the house though. I have had both for a couple years now and they seem to be holding up just fine.
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I have 2 of their bags which are pretty nice. Clothing, I've only had experience with their summer stuff. Lots of linen/linen blends some of which were slightly itchy, all were pretty slim cut.
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I'm new to fashion, but I'd say they are pretty decent. I'm a pretty lean guy so everything fit me spot on so I rate them highly for the price. They aren't top of the line quality from what I noticed, but you get what you pay for. I like their aesthetic; somewhat plain but with a little style.
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i like their undershirts. great fit, cheap.
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I have a couple of cotton vneck tshirts from Muji. Nice quality and good fit for a low price.
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I got two sets of shoe tress from the Muji store in Seoul, as well as a tie, and am pleased with everything. I don't buy much there, but it's one of my favorite shops to go in and look around.
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Agreed on most points.

I've got a couple of their cotton pants and tees that I use for sleeping, and I really like them. Comfy and very affordable. Haven't really checked out their other stuff though. Will check them out soon, need to get more undershirts. My brother always grabs a bunch of their ink pens when we're in the vicinity. Decent and cheap.
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Their 100% cotton trench/rain coat is a bangin' deal at less than $200. Construction seems solid. Plus the fit is slimmer than most. But I would never wear an olive or a black coat. Come on Muji..where's the tan or navy?
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american offerings fit way bigger than what is offered in japan.
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Does the US online store do regular restocks?  It seems like every time I look at that site there's absolutely nothing on there and what they do offer is sold out in most sizes.

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I always visit Muji when possible. Especially in Asia their stores offer a really nice retail experience. It's rare to see a shop where everything they sell is so well in sync aesthetically. Their household products are usually durable and well priced.


As for the clothes, the quality is good considering the price. The price/quality ratio was even higher a few years ago when the Yen was weaker compared to Euro. I would say the quality of clothes is a above Uniqlo, and well beyond most high street brands. In Asia the clothes are cut in a more Japanese pattern (shorter sleeves, slimmer fit) than in Europe (and I guess US as well). I'd say Muji is best for casual shirts, sweaters and outerwear. The more formal clothing isn't on par with the casual styles. And of course 1€ notebooks.

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What about their online store?  I'm not near NYC or SF so brick and mortar is a bit out of the question for now.

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I'm reviving this thread to express both my admiration for and frustration with Muji. I'm consistently impressed by their clothing--their OCBD and chino are probably my favorites at any price point, let alone theirs--but their stock is extremely sporadic and their webstore is a joke. I'm really hoping they revamp their web presence a la Uniqlo one day.


Incidentally their plimsolls, if you can find them, are an absolute steal at $30. Solid construction and they actually provide good support.

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A good place to get your basics, great value for money. No complains at that price point.

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