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Oh, I know. And I think only Kicking Mule's denim is comparable, now only if they perfected their cuts.

I was just saying those are the only labels worth anything.

If Rag & Bone sells out a la PDC...

*EDIT*: By the way, I can't comment on 5EP. I'm too "into" other lines right now.

The PDC analogy is flawed. PDC began to decline when SM left, true, but it didn't really go to shit until sold to Federated. 7fam is a better analogy. The creative brains behind the brand got bored and left to try something different (not too different though), but 7s continued to be similar to what they'd always been. RB hasn't been sold, and some of the original talent is still there. Some people are, quite frankly, A.D.D. in such a way that they just get bored with projects, especially when they are a success, and have to go on to a new challenge. I respect this, as I am similar in many ways, and I wish NB all the best.