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FS: CLOAK Dessert Boots Sze 42 280+shipping

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BRAND NEW NEVER WORN Cloak Dessert boots. Retail price was ~700 but obtained through sale, I bought these suckers especially to sell to someone at the sf forums. I haven't even tried them on because they're not my size.

Size (42 runs large) cloak dessert boots. Black leather upper and suede bottom. Same price as glamroot's shipped in the U.S. and 280+shipping to other countries OBO. PM me your email adresses.

I'm looking to take offers so that I can ship them as soon as this upcoming Monday/Saturday. I also have NO EXPERIENCE WITH SHIPPING OUT OF THE STATES. I'm open to the idea but only once I've learned everything. Right now I'm researching rates and possible problems with shipping to Australia and the U.K. If you want these boots and you're in another country, please tell me ahead of time your offer and country I need to ship it to.
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A few suggestions...

They look like neat boots, but it's hard to tell from your pics. Could you take some better pics or at least orient them properly? I have to turn my head sideways to look at them and that's not very fun.

Plus, the second pic is virtually indistinguishable and blurry.

Third, are they "desert" boots or boots meant to be worn after dinner during the ice-cream course?

Finally, what about measurements? Where are they made?

I'm not trying to be glib (okay, maybe just a bit), but they look like nice boots and I think a potential buyer would really need a little more clarity and such before dropping $280 for them.

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They are Cloak's S/S'06 Desert Boots.

They run big 2 sizes. They are made in Italy, manufactured by Buttero.

They retailed at $625 and recently went on sale at 60% off. $280 for these is a steal if you don't have access to any stores that have them. He is doing people a favor.
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Cool, thanks for the info.

I wasn't really trying to sound snide there (well, I was trying to be cute about the "ice cream" comment ), but I know from experience that a good listing will sell much faster... and it only takes an extra sec to orient the pics and provide that info.

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Okay update on shipping, I will be sending it through EMS USPS. It's the simplest way for me and seems straightforward for most countries.

Now I'm approximating that these shoes would be around 4 pounds (total with box and everything.

Shipping to Australia and the UK will be $40

Shipping to Canada will be $25

and ditto to running big. MUCHOS GRACIAS high_contrast.

I posted these kinda fast and just wanted to get the news out as fast as I could because I'm seriously busy with other stuff. Anyways, um... advice noted and for the meantime here are pics of same style shoes from a superfuture thread:

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