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Do you all resole your shoes?
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Is there a discount code or free shipping for styleforum members? I remember reading something about it previously but can't find it.

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I'm deleting. Wrong thread. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

Do you all resole your shoes?
Hell yea
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Originally Posted by theruk View Post

Is there a discount code or free shipping for styleforum members? I remember reading something about it previously but can't find it.



I'd like to know as well.


Also, any tips on ordering a custom pair of whites that look like OSB's cap toe trench?

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I've owned handsewn mocs from pretty much every SF approved maker, but I've never had this happen with any of them, except for a pair of oak streets I've been wearing for less than a year:

I contacted OSB and was told this was normal for a years worth of wear and that I should consider putting rubber top soles on the shoes, or resting them between wears, to prolong their life.

I thought Toppys help combat wear to the bottom of the shoe, how would they help slow down a sole detaching from the shoe as is happening with both shoes of this pair?

Anyone else think this is "normal" for less than a year?
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Do you "push" your toes up if you're working at a desk job or something similar? That could cause that to occur more rapidly than normal wear. I would contact George, he'll make sure to do right by you.
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Nope, these are actually a little roomy on me, and are relegated to wear around the house and on weekends.

do you have an email for George? I wrote to their "info" email and received a reply from someone else who's saying my option is to send them back to have them resoled to the tune of $96.

Would rather sink that $ into a pair of yuketens or quoddys frankly if this is to be expected from Oak street.
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Or New England Outerwear. I've been wearing the hell out of mine and they're holding up great. Sorry, I know this probably isn't the best place to mention another brand, but seeing a ton of negative feedback on OSB so thought I'd throw it out there.
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...and here we are.  Interesting that they took down the "official" thread.  Anyone know why?

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Because they're shite.
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so did everyone give up on this brand? I got my trench boots in from Massdrop and have been loving them. Although with all the recent issues I can see why people might stay away, and the absence of oak street from the forum is fishy

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Hey Fender glad your liking them. I havent bought yet. I am eyeing the natural oxfords but havent pull the trigger as the whote sole is not my preference. I really like the waxed flesh boots they made and if they came out on a the 6 eyed chukka on commando or gumlight I may have to pull the trigger

enjoy the boots!
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Lots of hate lately for OSB but I'm still firmly in their corner.  I have natural captoe trench boots and natural boat shoes and both are holding up extremely well.  I couldn't be happier and until I have a poor experience I will continue supporting OSB and will continue to recommend them.

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I emailed George over at OSB regarding the official affiliate thread, and here is his reply:




"A big part of the reason why we became officiates was so that we could both support the forum, but most importantly, be able to directly answer questions and speak directly with folks who are interested in/fans of Oak Street Bootmakers.  Over the past couple of years however, you surely noticed that we had only posted a handful of times.  As a small shop, we quite simply don’t have the bandwidth/personnel to keep up with the thread.  When we stopped being an affiliate last month, SF kept the thread active for around 30 days, but per their policy, they deleted it."  


"You’ll notice that even before our ‘official affiliate thread’ there was an Oak Street thread - that thread is still up and will continue to be a place to post about Oak Street Bootmakers.  Just as other footwear brands have threads (Alden, Red Wing, Rancourt, etc) - none are affiliates, but all have a thread on SF."


That said, I have three pairs of OSBs, and couldn't be happier with them. 

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