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I think that the Rolex is seen, perhaps a little unfairly, as over-hyped, over-priced, and a little to common, by many members of this forum.   The Oyster Perpetual is, imo, a beautiful and classic watch.  That being said, there are about half a dozen watches I would choose before it.
I'd agree with this and I think it is mostly true, tho I don't perhaps agree with the "perhaps a little unfairly". Though strangely, Audemars Piguet, which are similar in style and weight to Rolex, are not as maligned. Get catalogues by Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Soehne, IWC,  Franc Muller, Blancpain, Girard-Perregaux, Maurice Lacroix et al and compare the classic elegance of these watches to the ugliness and chunkiness (yes, it IS subjective though.) of the Rolex. From a quality and horological point of view, any watch (like above) with a tourbillon mechanism will always be made to feel more superior to Rolex. Wearing a Rolex seems to translate to "I am gaudy and garish, and have lots of money but no taste" (whether one agrees or not) - ask your workmates and friends and the reaction is nothing short of vitriol for the Rolex brand. A bit like those hideous creations from John Galliano and Julian McDonald. The insinuation seems to be if you have that sort of money why not spend it on something that may be worth it from a technological and horological point of view (perpetual calendars, tourbillons, etc). It also possibly smacks of the herd mentality: "I can afford this but I don't know any better - everyone says Rolex is the best." I'm happy for people to wear Rolex's and don't acre either way.  I just prefer the aforementioned brands.
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Thanks all for the advice.. definitely given me some food for thought. In all of this I noticed there wasn't any notice of the brand TAG Heuer.. what is everyone's opinion of this brand? "Overpriced and overdone" like Rolex, or otherwise...?
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Matt: I think I mentioned Tag Heuer. I own one and love it. But mine has a blue dial and stainless steel band and is probably too sport to have as your only watch. I wear it one weekends and casual days at the office and such, but not on dressier days. TH watches are definitely more of the sport variety, but there are a few models that are more versatile. I've always liked this one
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There seems to be quite a few watch enthusiasts here, so I am going to solicit input on a decision I am faced with.   I'm looking for another multiple time zone watch to wear both traveling and at work.  Currently, my only such watch is a Patek "Travel Time" which is a simple dual time zone version of the Calatrava.  Yellow gold, black crocodile strap. After looking at watches from JLC, Vacheron, Patek, Nardin, Muller, and others, the two front runners are both from Breguet.  I can only pick one, as I can't afford both right now.   1st Contender:   Breguet "Reveil du Tsar" It has two time zones, date, and is self winding.  It also has an alarm.  It is 11.25mm thick, and 39mm wide.   2nd Contender:     Breguet "Hora Mundi" It shows time across 24 timezones at once.  Also self winding, also with a date.  It is 8.7mm thick and 38mm wide. Both have interesting complications.   The Reveil is somewhat similar to the Patek I already own, in that both display two time zones, but the Reveile has the cool alarm, is self winding, and has a date.   The Hora Mundi is quite different than the Patek I own, in that it shows time in 24 different time zones, not just two (although it doesn't account for seasonal differences between time zones brought about by daylight savings time)   Any preferences?  Any advice?
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Kai I used to be a watch collector many years ago - having most of the brands I mentioned in my earlier post, But NEVER a Rolex or Tag.Breguet are one of my favourites and remind me of past watches Blancpain and A. lange & Soehne used to make. I like both watches you have listed but lean toward the 1st one with its modernity (the 2nd contender is too vintage for me personally but certainly more individualistic and unique if u like that look. It is also too cluttered and not as "clean" as the reveil IMO).  True, as a chronograph, the 1st contender is very similar to alot of brands (and when u look at most of the brands i mentioned earlier there is very little to seperate them in fact apart from the name). If it is too similar to the PP u currently have, and prefer something that few would wear and is quite individualistic, I would go for Hora Mundi. But my personal preference is for Reveil.
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Kai, When it comes to watches I am a believer in "form following function," so I think you should make your choice based upon  whether you prefer an alarm or the ability to tell the time in 24 different time zones.  Assuming that it's a wash, I personally prefer the Reveil, mainly because it is unmistakably a Breguet while the Hora Mundi looks like Breguet's version of the Patek World Time (which I prefer to the Hora Mundi).  In any event, unless your Patek Philippe Travel Time has an unquantifiable sentimental value to you or you have a good reason to possess two travel watches, I would sell the PP after getting the Breguet.
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Hey, look -- this guy sells a guide to buying fake Rolex watches. There is indeed a I-don't-care-it's-counterfeit market apparently...
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someone try and justify this:rubber watch there are still children starving in africa. (among other places)
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