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I remember being in the Neiman Marcus Last Call outside Las Vegas, and seeing a $20,000 Fendi baguette for sale there.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
Filene's Basement in Downtown crossing. ... Band of Outsiders ties for $15

wow, i gotta start browsing more carefully!
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I was shopping at an outlet mall overseas and wandered into the Burberry outlet. I snatched up one of their classic novacheck ties and didn't think twice about it until today when I wanted to wear it to a wedding.

When I tried to put it on, I realized it was made from pretty flimsy silk with a plastic-like interlining incapable of forming a proper knot. Upon closer examination I noticed the pattern was printed instead of woven. I stopped by a local store and picked up another novacheck tie from Burberry at full retail, and it was like night and day. It's hefty, forms a very good knot, and the pattern is actually woven in.

I had heard stories of outlets carrying low-quality versions of their regular stuff before, but this is the first time I encountered it myself. I guess the crappy knot is like the scarlet letter for all the tourists buying it at the outlet.

I also tried on a polo shirt at the outlet which fit like crap. I haven't tried on any of them here, but I've seen other people wearing them and the retail ones look much better.
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There was a time when TJM and Value City received goods directly from NM and Saks.
This was before NM and Saks got a ton of outlet stores. With both stores having just a small amount of outlet stores in the 90s. The result was seeing high end shoes in NM and Saks outlet stores. Doing that same time period, Polo outlets sold high end clothing and shoes.
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Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" View Post
A Brioni suit for 400 Dollars?!??!?!


I thought Shikar just bought a 400 Brioni from Kigoure Trout(sp)
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the polo outlet at the round rock outlets is ridiculously good, all the mens stuff is straight from the retail stores, though nothing is marked down a crazy amount i agree that the destination shopping sites wont have good outlets--most of the stuff is made for outlet, and the stuff that isnt gets picked through too fast, eg san marcos
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Yoox has very little made for it!
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Originally Posted by Ramses View Post
I have been there many times. I live in Southern Maryland-I love it. NM has Etro, Polo, Robert Graham great stuff. Off 5th has Armani stuff-Polo etc.. Overall Arundell is great.
NMLC: I used to go there weekly as it is near BWI. Now I go there once a month or two. Inventory of decent clothes hasn't changed in 4-5 months and they've brought in a lot of crap. Off 5th: Don't even bother going in.
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Last Call can still yield some interesting things, if you watch for the main line store tag with previous markdowns.
Regular store stock now comes in at 55% off (it used to be 60%). But it goes down from there as things that don't sell are marked down.

My visit two weeks ago yielded a Brioni sportcoat (in a wool/linen/silk blend) listed at $3695., marked down to $1662, then a 50% off sale, and another 20% off coupon (from a Last Call postcard) and the 5% off with the NM card got it to $630.
And for my wife, two Loro Piana short sleeve cashmere blouses from Bergdorf's that were marked $910, down to $275, then 50% off.
I passed on a half dozen Isaia sportcoats and a cashmere Kiton in baby blue that was just too much.
You need to know what you're looking for, but amazing things can still turn up.
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