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Yellow or Purple pants.. Would you wear? What to match with? -PICS ADDED

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I understand that this question is more relevant to the SW&D forum, but I value the opinion of this sub-forum more. So please view this in the context of casual wear. Thank you. I went to Zara yesterday in search of some slim-fitting trousers and being spoiled by Mabitex couldn't find anything that would make me happy. Disappointed, I was getting ready to leave and on the way out browsed through the sale rack. There I found two slim jeans that actually felt more like chinos. They fit perfectly aside from being a little long. Everything about them was great, even the price of $13. Except one thing... One pair was lemon-yellow and the other medium purple color. I bought them, since I figured they were cheap and I could always return them. Now I can't decide whether to keep them or not and what to pair them with. I was thinking for the yellow: dark brown shoes and some kind of shirt or polo, but I haven't decided what color yet. Something very subtle, since the pants are loud enough. For purple: probably black shoes and maybe a white shirt? What do you guys think? Would you wear something like that? What do you think looks good with those colors? P.S. I'm fairly skinny; tall; have a light complexion and dark red/brownish hair; and live in L.A, so it's always summer. P.P.S. OK, so I listened to some ideas here and here's what I tried. Sorry for the crappy pictures, my camera is not with me right now. Let me know what you think, please.
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For shoes, browns would work with either I would think. I think you're right about the purple going with black too. Shirts, I could see a lot of combos. For the purple, just about anything that's not too dark. Gray would be nice, but I would go browse around and just find some patterned sport shirts. White or blue oxfords and such too, tha'ts going to be the much more versitile of the two. Yellow? I would go darker with the shirts. It's hard to find something blues won't go with, I would stick to those without seeing the exact shade. Navys and french blues, things along those lines. But I'm not really sure. I really don't wear much yellow, and I don't have a whole lot of experience matching it. Greens could work, but that's a really bold look.
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The Purple sounds hard to match with (for a man). The Yellow is pretty easy, anything lighter in color should work. I would actually wear lighter colored shoes as well, making the pants the center piece XD
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Thanks for the replies. Also, another question came up in my mind. What would be appropriate occasions to wear these pants to?
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MC Hammer, or some other artist of that time?
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I think he's playing a gig here soon. I saw some ads. I should go just to wear these pants, I guess.
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No: I'm all man. You should feel free to wear them though.
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I wear my purple trousers with tan shoes and a blue gingham shirt. I don't have any yellow trousers though, yellow is not a good colour on me.
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You could wear either pants with a dark blue sport jacket, especially one with window paning in red or magenta or orange. Wear any shoes you like with black as a last resort. You could even wear spectators just for extra madness. Casual belts are best. Grosgrain, weaves or any casual belt that will tie the shoes in with the rest. Keep the shirt simple and light in colour. A button-down would be preferred, with or without a tie. We want to see photos when you're ready with some combo's.!
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I wear both in corduroy form. Mainly with light blue shirts and navy.
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I have a few outfits that I wear with my yellow pants. They are a fairly soft, pastel yellow which really opens up my options. I wear it often times with a white/blue check shirt and suede loafers.

I'm going to get chastised for this, but oh well, I'm a bigger proponent of style than fashion. I wear them a lot with a pair of black sandals, rolled to mid ankle and a black polo; the contrast between the three layers works quite well.

I have found that I am able to wear almost anything with the yellow. I have gone white oxford to brown patterned.
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Purple is so common it's the new grey.
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I added some pictures. How's this combo? What do you guys think?
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Originally Posted by acecow View Post
I added some pictures. How's this combo? What do you guys think?
Pic looks great! I bet a light blue gingham check shirt would look good too. Or just plain white, maybe. EDIT: I'd go with less formal shoes, though.
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Thanks for the criticism, but I have a hard time wearing less formal shoes with a jacket. I just can't do it. If I go with the shirt only then I'll probably wear something more casual.
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