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blue windowpane suit - opinions please

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I have this beautiful blue windowpane suit... it has white/red windowpane over navy, the fabric is gorgeous virgin wool...

The problem is it is difficult for me to decide when is appropiate to wear it...

It looks to me, too flashy for business... Too foppish for casual or a nigh out..

what do you think ?

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Very Nice! IMO: More of a "Night Out" suit than a business suit. Though I guess the type of business you are in would determine that.
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I can see your problem. The DB really adds to the effect. Maybe you could wear it for a Saturday out and about?
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I love the suit and the fit. You need to tell us what you do. In a bank the suit would be inappropriate but if you are in advertisment or an architect, you can pull it off. You would also fit in working with Domenico Spano.
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The pattern is somewhat bold but try easing it slowly into your work rotation by wearing it infrequently, on days when you're going to an event or something to justify wearing it. Depending on your business, I think it can work as a once-in-a-while suit.
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"with the 6th selection in the 2006 NFL Draft..."

jk nice suit.
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Great suit. Proves that DB can look fresh without being Prada-modernist.
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This suit is loud. I would say elegant brunch, festive lunch etc.
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Thanks you all for your kind comments...

I just saw and ad from Joseph Abboud that says "Style Tip No. 21, Dress like your boss's boss"... I feel with this suit I'd certainly overdress the company's owner

I work in the telecommunications industry, i am an engineer... and I love suits, and I wear them just because I don't have to, but because I like to...
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Great suit if your wife will let you wear it around her.
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Originally Posted by kitonbrioni
Great suit if your wife will let you wear it around her.

What does your wife think of reptilian footwear?
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My wife suggests that it would be ideal for wearing to weddings and the like. As for business, she says it depends on your line of work.

(Just thought I'd add in a woman's opinion, since they tend to be few and far between around here.)

She also wants you to know that she thinks "it's a beautiful suit."
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The suit looks so loud because you are pairing it with a loud tie. Try a more subtle (perhaps even a solid) tie with the suit and see what happens.
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I like the suit, AND THE TIE IS WONDERFUL.
Although I have also an engineering background (electronics/telecom), and I would say that if you were working at Ericsson in Göteborg or Stockholm, your colleagoues would probably lift their eyebrows when seeing you walk into the office with that suit and tie... Maybe things are different in Geneva, though. Also, salaries appear to be better - I cannot imagine my Swedish Ericsson friends buying the kind of suits that you seem to own...
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definatly a day suit, but wear softer shirt and tie combo for less and impact!
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