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Special Discount  

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Hey, Guys: Here finally as promised is a link to order my upcoming book, The Men's Clothing Guide at a discount of 30%. I will also sign each copy, and if the book is a gift please include what you'd like me to say. https://secure.planetlink.com/mensspecialty/special.tpl If you want to order 10 or more, this link is better, because the discount goes to 40%, and higher for even larger quantities. https://secure.planetlink.com/mensspecialty/index.tpl I will have copies the week of August 25th, and will begin shipping them midweek or so. Do not expect an Alan Flusser or Bruce Boyer type book. Both of these men have more knowledge than I can ever dream of possessing. Indeed, many of you "advanced students" of style here at the Forum are well beyond the simple advice I dispense. However, many more will find this simple, straigtforward guide for the average man very useful. And it has TONS of info on WHERE to shop.
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Steve, Thanks for the discount, I am looking forward to reading and using what I expect will be great information. -Andy
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Just ordered mine. I'm really looking forward to it. It sounds like exactly what I need. Thanks.
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Hey guys, Have had a number of requests for easier access to this info. If you find it too self-promoting, I will unpin it. So far I'm about halfway through the first printing, thanks to the greatly appreciated help from so many of you. I'd also welcome any feedback on the book as I'm making plans for a second edition.
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Well congratulations Steve, you've done it. I'll be ordering my copy as soon as a few orders clear and I get some money again. I'm sure I'll read it cover-to-cover in a sitting. Michael
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Keep forgetting to do this. Here also are some recent comments on the book: Steve Brinkman's The Men's Clothing Guide is a must-have fashion primer"”an essential guide for every beginner interested in exploring the sartorial pleasures. It also includes the most thorough listing of men's stores in the USA available. G. Bruce Boyer Author of Eminently Suitable and Elegance Contributing Editor to Four Seasons and Departures magazines For the often confusing trip from elemental to elegant, Brinkman gives men a clear, unintimidating road map. Owen Edwards Contributing Editor to GQ and Town and Country magazines Like it or not, appearance matters. Today, men have to pay as much attention to style as women. The only problem is, guys don't know where to begin. My suggestion: Start with The Men's Clothing Guide. Steve Brinkman artfully compiles practical information about what to wear and where to get it. Boost your fashion IQ and save money on the best brands in the process. Brian Boye Fashion Director Men's Health magazine
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