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moving and kids

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how to deal? we are looking at houses 10 mins from our current house but different school district. kids are freaking. how do you deal? we/they have some of our best friends are right near by, so this is going to be a hard sell.
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Dear kids,

Mommy and Daddy have to move because we can't afford the adjustable rate mortgage on this giant house and need to downsize. I know it'll be tough leaving your good friends and having to make new friends with the poor kids on the other side of town, but ultimately it's a character building exercise and you'll thank me in 20 years. Also, poor teen girls are way easier than rich teen girls.


Mom and Dad
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^except it's the opposite. will be moving to a town where we will be the white trash by comparison. the listed median income is 225k and i like to work on cars and spit.
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Then sorry buddy, I have no advice for you. Maybe buy the kids ice cream and a puppy?
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^the puppy might work.
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Parents today. All worried about their kids feelings and shit.
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Tell them they will still see their friends and they will adjust to the rest. It's true if you are just moving 10 minutes away.
I moved several times as a kid, and much further than 10 minutes down the road and beyond a couple of weeks it just stopped bothering me. I kept a few close friends from each move, even though they were countries away and I could only see them every couple of years, I am still friends with some of them now, it may seem a big deal to your kids now, but they will get over it fast.
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wait, why are you moving 10 mins away? seems like you just listed all the reasons not to
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Much better high school, much larger homes without much increase in taxes
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It's only 10 minutes, they'll adjust easily and quickly. Not like they can't see certain people if they want to. Character building, kids are going to have to toughen up. I grew up moving around, it sucks but you forget about the old school after a month or so.
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we moved in 5th grade. i also changed schools in 5th grade but my best friend changed with me from private school to public so we survived that together. in 6th grade i went to a new school and i was scared but i managed.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
it sucks but you forget about the old school after a month or so.

try to explain it to a 10-year old girl now

my parents moved a lot around the city, but i fighted for the right to go to MY SCHOOL, though it took me more then an hour to get there during last years. my younger sister changed school every time we moved... and yes, that sucks.
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how old are yer kids, Kunk?
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Haha your kids go to public school LOL.
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1. I did it pretty much every year, kids deal. one move isn't going to kill anybody

2. see what you can do to help keep some of the best friendships going, while encouraging to meet new people and move on. my son has had his best friend move every year for the past 3 years, shit happens.

good luck
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