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"Christensen" tie knot rediscovered

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Before the Great Crash this winter, I posted a question about the "Christensen" knot, which I'd once learned, used for a while and then forgot. I finally found "The Book of Ties" at the local Salvation Army, where the knot was illustrated: Any thoughts? The book seems to have been made as some sort of promotional material for the Tie Rack chain, and is also the victim of a translation from the Italian to English, with not a few curiosities. (I also have to say that I'm quite impressed with my new mobile camera, after photographing this straight from the pages.)
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I like it. A good way to be different. I'd love someone to do the knot and post a photograph. Kind of hard to make a real judgment without seeing the "3D" look.
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There may be one problem. Some unknowing folk may think you don't know how to tie your tie.
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I like it. Will try it when I get home.
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I like it on paper. I'll give it a shot.
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It is extraordinarily difficult to get this knot to look like it does on paper. Somewhat interesting in real life, but its details are covered by the shirt collar, unless a spread collar is worn. Getting the little piece to show on the lower left is basically impossible....
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I normally stick with the four in hand because for symmetical knots I don't like how wide the top of the triangle of a windsor knot is in comparison with the narrow bottom. But this is basically a symetrical knot in the dimensions of a four in hand with just that little bit of difference. I am an instant convert and will be using this with regularity.
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I like it! It looks like the last step involves pulling the wide blade under two loops of the tie. I'll give it a try.

My only danger is, since I don't wear a tie very often, people may indeed think I don't know how to tie a tie.
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I like it but alas I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong it comes out exactly like my half windsor
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turns out looking like this for me:

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hey not bad...i like it
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Maybe I`m doing it wrong, but it seems a lot like a half windsor in reverse...and the result is almost the same.

Personally, I like the Prince Albert which has the merits of a FiH with a little more volume.
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interest way to tie a knot i will have to try later! cheers!!
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The Merovingian wore a similar knot in The Matrix Reloaded... interesting.
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Originally Posted by lifersfc
turns out looking like this for me:

Looks good! At your leisure, and if you can, could you post a pic of the knot worn on a shirt.
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