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Should I buy this toner?

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I know it's expensive but it's my skin, I don't care for spending $500 as long as it'll work.

Has anybody has any experiences with this product? I read reviews and it seems to be mostly good, but every product has good reviews nowadays.

What do you think? Should I go for it? I was using hydrogen peroxide as a toner until now, and I'm looking for a new one.

Also, what moisturizers would you recommend?
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Looks no better nor no worse than competitive products out there. Have you ever tried plain Witch Hazel, which should be found next to the rubbing alcohol at the store? The Bose of moisturizers is called La Mer. The "kit" includes a tonic/toner.
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Yes, if it makes you feel special. You didn't tell us if your skin is dry, oily, etc. Choose products based on your skin type. If you have oily skin you want an alcohol- or salicylic acid-based astringent, generic neutrogena version is fine. If you have dry skin you don't need anything like that.
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I saw that you were looking for a new moisturizer, and I wanted to share some information with you about Eucerin products. I do some work for Eucerin, and they are giving away free samples of Daily Skin Balance, if you "like" the Eucerin US facebook page. All you have to do is take the Skin First pledge.

Has anyone else tried Eucerin products?
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Dude, you should DEFINITELY buy that shit. That is some SWEET toner, man.
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Is this thread a joke?
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There are better and much cheaper choices out there.
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