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Its easy as hell to outdress college kids, they look like idiots most of the time.
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man, i wish women would wear more classic and timeless pieces
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Originally Posted by max_r View Post
man, i wish women would wear more classic and timeless pieces

I know man, my GF came in in a skirt and some layered tanks and a scarf and she was all "do you like this" and I was all FUCK NO, GO BUY A TRENCH AND SOME BOAT SHOES.
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if that bitch shows any skin she aint going outside
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Whoa, I forgot this was styleforum; you don't need kiton, when I say you needed a suit I was thinking more likea conservative looking TaT that you can get for $500ish give or take, but you need a suit if you plan on doing more than just attending class for 4 years... that is to include finding gainful employment, and/or the steps towards that, like internships interviews, dinners where you will not be looked upon kindly for showing up in street clothes, etc. You need a suit, every one does. If I had a son, I'd buy him a decent suit and pair of shoes whenever it looked like he was done growing, because there are occasions to which to wear a suit, where other things will not be as good.

Extracurricular clubs will have formals, you will have presentations or groups, you will have interviews for summer jobs and internships, you will have interviews for actual jobs later down the line when it's time to graduate; nobody will grill you on having only one suit when you're <22 or 23 and not yet working, so you can go ahead and wear that jawn to the formals, the presentations, etc, but don't dress badly because other people choose to dress badly.

Other days in college though, are completely made for rocking out all day and night in a black leather jacket that you beat the hell out of, a white tee, and some great jeans and sneakers.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
i am really sick of people talking about clothes as a method of "obtaining" women

It's not a method of "obtaining", but it sure as hell helps. It's a side effect of dressing well and looking put together. A very nice side effect. B)
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
i am really sick of people talking about clothes as a method of "obtaining" women
+100 Wearing nice clothes isn't going to help if you're still socially awkward. EDIT: +100 also on the suit. Seriously, it's one of the better investments clothing-wise you'll make.
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

army of fffff

lol I meant in the context of not trying to one up them. You can still compliment their baggy jeans and rainbow flip flops to your STFs and desert boots, but the latter look won't make your peers think you're a pretentious ladyboy who takes advice from a style forum.
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Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 View Post
I've never seen an undergrad wear a suit to meet with a professor. The only time I usually see undergrads wear suits is in their last year for honors thesis presentations, graduation, or if they are going to interview for jobs.

if you are an exceptional student and your professor is being honored for something you might be invited. also some schools host formal dinner with professors and students.
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Dress shirts should be quality but as long as it fits and feels good, can be any price.
Have a couple of blazers that are quality
Jeans, pants and shorts can be moderately priced
Accessories can be cheap
Have a couple of decent watches (If I had to choose, I'd take one great gold watch though).
Shoes gotta be bold and top notch (take care of these babies).
Basics like henley, crew, v neck, etc...can be cheap also.
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Does anyone have any tips on dressing up in hotter climates? I go to school in Texas, so its pretty hot almost year round. I kind of moved from graphic tees to solid shirts with jeans plus keds/sperrys but I haven't been able to find and avenue to dress up a little more. The most I typically put on is a light jacket, which is nice, but doesn't really provide the depth that I want.
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I'm in Houston right now and it is ungodly hot. Just wear easy-breathing fabrics. You can get away with a lot of the same stuff, if you just switch it for light-weight material.
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Just use style forum and ebay. I can't recomend buying clothes from a place like h&m. In Stockholm where I live, the brands (Our Legacy, Acne etc.) sometimes have outlets, I remember buying three pairs of top quality jeans for about 70USD. But I don't know if there is anything like that in Vancouver. Not being rich can be irritating sometimes, I know..
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I'm mainly having a problem with footwear right now, boots seem to be ideal right now since summer is over and it's going to be rainy and cold so i'd like something that i could wear in the rain and snow. But the only boots i've worn are steel toed boots for working in a mill and i'd never wear them around as they look clunky and ugly. What pair of boots would be ideal for me? A pair of LL bean engineer boots?
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Look at the streetwear shoes and boots thread. LL Bean engineer boots/Khatadins (idk if those are the same) are probably the lowest-tier "SF-Approved" option, with Red Wings, Wolverine 100 miles, and Aldens being the (progressively better) upgrades. (Red wings in particular can be found on sale at around ~200-250 USD). But honestly you're in college, who the fuck cares about what SF thinks, so go with the LL Beans.
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