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Originally Posted by Kvc06 View Post
You named your problem in the OP
You have no job, you should get one.
I'm just a regular college student too but I buy all my stuff with money I make during my full time summer job and part time rest of the year job

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
Wish I was in undergrad and <22 again. I'd just wear exactly what I do now, albeit a pared down version.

-black leather jacket, preferably calfskin or something that will break in over time and last forever
-peacoat in a mild design with an elegant form
-white v-neck tees
-raw jeans (that you will wear out, replace with a fresh pair after a year, and then rotate new and old, or old and older), black overdye jeans
-expensive white low top sneakers, pair of hightops if you have the money, a pair of beater shoes for bars, a pair of leather boots, you could spend $1000 on these 4 pairs alone, easily
-a cardigan, a v neck knit
-one proper dress clothing ensemble, take that to mean a good suit that fits, a dress shirt that you don't disrespect by trying to pair it with jeans every Friday, a good tie, a good pair of dress shoes

All of the above might cost you about $3-4K, but you could wear it day-in, day-out. I do, still.

Woah this is pretty much exactly what i'm doing. Bolded shit which I don't have yet
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Most of the above advice is good. Also look for deals whenever possible. You can get a bunch of cheap, decent quality v-necks if you go to Marshalls and just buy their CK three-packs for $15 dollars. Same with some colorful AA shirts if you go to that one seller on Ebay who sells them in three-packs. Get some second-hand rawz on the FS forum from a reputable seller and get some non-offensive shoes (I don't like Chucks beyond working out in them, the toe-cap thing weirds me out) like some White Authentics that you don't care about. I got my shit chewed out here when I posted a thread like this a year or two ago.... Most of my clothes were put together from experimenting my senior year and it segwayed into my freshmen year of college easy enough. - 3-packs of good fitting shirts, go to Marshalls, Ebay, whatever, they're cheap and they'll last you a year at least. Fish for button-downs in the FS thread. Thrift to your poor heart's content as well. H&M isn't bad if you don't care that everything will fall apart within a few months. $ 60-$100 - Good-condition raws from the FS forum. APC is non-offensive as it gets, Nudies are a bit edgier in my opinion, and Crate is cheap as hell (new) and US-made if that means anything to you. Raws in my opinion are perfect for the college male, wear the same jawns every day and not wash them? at least they'll look good in time versus nasty like pre-washed Luckys. $80 - $200 - a peacoat is definitely good, look around for deals and look into military surplus stores. It might take a bit of looking, but they actually have good fits if you just size down a bit and are careful about not buying one first and realizing it doesn't work at all with the shit you wear (which is what happened to me) $50 - a really big number if you want somethng nicer - cardigans if you're slim/thin, v-neck sweaters if you're a bit bulkier. something about cardigans on a burly build looks off to me. $50 - $100 (Macys has non-branded cardys for like 20 bucks and you can get sweaters from J. Crew for cheap too) - a suit like the guy mentioned above. You never know when you'll go into a formal setting and a good fitting suit sets you apart from the rest of the Plebs in college. Though if you're like me and pledge and join a fraternity, make sure you wear shitty dress clothes for your bid-night and whatnot because they WILL get destroyed. As much money as you need to spend. - I'm going to disagree with getting really nice shoes now. Depending on where you're going to college, rain might destroy whatever you're wearing. Nicer shoes can come later, but if you want something versatile and semi-durable for a year or two, Vans Authentics and some Docker/Sperry boat shoes will last for a while before falling apart. I like boots if you can pull them off body-wise, it's weird seeing skinny Asians in Red Wing 875s because they don't resemble the Americana image. $40-$60 (or 300 if you get the boots...) You don't need to spend a grand if you follow this template, which is what I did. Some people are going to disagree with me, but I guarantee you'll look better than 80% of the male population in whatever college you're in.
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Honestly if he doesn't have a weird body shape I don't understand why you need to tailor everything if you are in college. If you buy plaid shirts from J. Crew and you are not stick skinny you should be fine without a tailor.
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+1 to above. finely tailored clothing isn't necessary in the college environment. though if he finds something he really likes in a thrift store and gets it for like 3 dollars, the extra 5-10 bucks for tailoring from an asian lady might not be a bad idea for budgeting concerns.
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Tailoring i sorta get done through my grandma or asian relatives who work with sewing machines all day. Right now I think i'll be buying a new pair of jeans and looking for a pair of boots. I think boots would be good since there's lots of rain here in Vancouver. The LL Bean engineers boot looks pretty good for it's price, and durable.
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we don't have J. Crew in vancouver. anyways, get some tshirts from H&M/American Apparel. They're about $7 for a solid vneck at H&M at pacific centre. You can get your APC's at dutil in Gastown and Roden Gray has some pretty good clothes in the same area too.
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Originally Posted by Strombollii View Post
I, too, am a poor college student. Buy quality off B&S. It's worth it.

muji and uniqlo too.
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I'd look into more high quality generic looking stuff that looks good. You don't want stuff that is way out there and crazy because you won't have a lot of clothes and when you wear that item again, people will realize it. You want stuff that you can wear over and over.
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Ebay vintage clothing
Allen Edmonds shoe (B&S section)
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RL, Brooks, Dave Matthews Tees.
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Don't spend money on nice basics. I love my solid shirts, but looking back I'd rather have some nice patterned shirts for the same price (here's looking at you, McQueen) or to have gone with knits/outerwear instead (though I don't normally wear anything over my shirts). Most of my stuff is nice fitting but overall pretty boring and carried hefty price tags even at discount
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I'm going to echo what a lot of people are saying; fit is a lot more important than the money you're going to spend. What you're going to want to do is find some brands that fit you well, and buy cheap basics from them. Once you figure out what your personal style is go out and buy more expensive statement pieces.

Start with some fitted t-shirts, and none of that graphic tee stuff. Get a wide variety of colors, and some slightly more interesting ones with stripes etc. You can do this for really cheap, check out Gap, H&M and Target. All have decent quality Tees for around $10. Wearing good fitting t-shirts without dumb slogans makes you look 10 times better.

Next, find some good jeans. One of the most important things with jeans is to make sure you find a shape that works for you; jeans come in tons of different styles so spend some time trying on lots of pairs. For example, I've got broad shoulders and decent sized legs, that means skinny jeans just aren't going to work for me. Figure out what you like best, Boot, Skinny, Slim, Tapered, Straight etc. After that find a brand you like and buy 2 pairs. Just starting out, I personally recommend Gap or Levi's. Both are pretty decently priced and often have deals. Each company also has many fits and they'll also last a while.

Shoes: being a college student, you're really not going to have a lot of need for some $500 dress shoes, I recommend not worrying about those for now. Keep your eyes out, and if you see a great deal on sale spring for it. Right now you should focus on buying sneakers. There's a lot of great info about sneakers on these boards. Read about them. Having a nice pair of Pumas or Addidas instead of gym shoes will elevate your look. Since it's fall also look into some boots, I personally recommend the LL Bean Katahdin. Cheap, and classic American.

Since it's fall you should also be thinking about some decent sweaters and coats. Sweaters you can find pretty cheap, any department store should have a decent selection. Get a couple of colors. As for outerwear that's too big a topic for me to discuss here. There's plenty of info here, you can find it. Also, while I don't recommend college students spend a lot of money on dress clothing I do like corduroy blazers. They're arguably the most casual blazer, and they work great with sweaters in the fall. Look through thrift stores, or find one cheap.

While we're talking about corduroys, get some corduroy pants too. They're comfy, warm and look fabulous. Don't worry about the wale size so much, just get a pair you like. These can be bought just about everywhere that has pants, Levis has some, J Crew, BR etc.

Button Ups: get a couple of button up shirts. Not dress shirts, but button ups. Plaid is great in the fall, and you can't do a lot better than J Crew's secret wash shirts. H&M and Gap should also have some decent quality cheaper ones.

Now, don't go out and buy this all at once. Just get the jeans and the t-shirts first. After that start to piece everything together as you come across stuff you like that's at a good price. Check out the WAYWT threads to get ideas.
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You personally recommend gap or levis? Why the fuck are people with 24 posts giving advice of any kind.
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Originally Posted by AR_Six View Post
You personally recommend gap or levis? Why the fuck are people with 24 posts giving advice of any kind.
Please, some models don't look nearly as shitty as you are playing them off to be. Not all of your expensive $200+ retail jean fits thrown up on WAWYWT have look that great on your body type either. This means buyer with a decent eye can find jeans from these stores that are rather nice for your average college student. I sometimes wish I had bought the levis imprint jeans for $20 shipped when I had the chance. I have an old pair of gap morrisions' from '07 I've spent about the same into keeping them running than I paid for them $15, passable denim and decent cut. I have my place for expensive ass designer jeans, but they're not always necessary for a broke college student without a job.
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