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Fake or real

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Hi guys,

I am not sure if this kind of posts are allowed in this section of the forum, if not forgive me :-) just move this post to the right section, but I was looking for Ralph Lauren polo shirts and I saw this seller on ebay selling polo shirts for really low prices. I wonder if you can identify them as real. If they are real I might buy 4 of them immideatly. Thanks.


Friendly Buyer Designer Boutique
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No close up of cotton, no close up of pony, no "made in" tags, no labels, no sales labels, and the bottoms appear to be the wrong length. I'm smelling fakey. --Wade
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Thanks Wade M. Too bad those were nice colors (especially the yellow one). Anyone knows a reliable seller on eBay? xerxes
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After 4 fake polos over a year(1 lacoste, 1 burberry, 2 RL), from 4 "shops" through asia, I gave up on ebay. They all had super feedback. IMO ebay is broken, no1 gives negative feedback, as they don't want to be given bad feedback back. So nothing gets said. Add to that, a lot of the time people can't tell, and they get away with it. I'm sure real places are out there, i just CBF'd trying to go through the process of seeing "great" deals on ebay and finding out their fake. Sorry I'm not much help in that regard. --Wade
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Simply because of who the seller is, I'd wager they're real.

They sell quite a few items that are not regularly counterfeited as well as some authentic items I've seen myself.

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Fair call mate Ebay == the world of fake until innocent in JM2C --djway
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Still if any of you know any reliable dealers please let me know. For the mean time I think I have no other cheaper choice then
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You can usually find shirts like these for a discount at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, or Nordstrom Rack. Price is usually $20-30.
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Normally I'd say fake because I'd have to agree with Wade about the lack of closeups and what appears to be rather inconsistent placement of the logo (at least to my eyes), but considering this seller's collection and price range (no buy-it-now's for RL jackets @ $50) I might say this could be legit. Typically, you're usually better off buying from a seller who has limited inventory where not every shirt is the same color/style which reeks of counterfeit lot merchandise.
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117
You can usually find shirts like these for a discount at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, or Nordstrom Rack. Price is usually $20-30.
Yeah, no real reason to buy Polo polos online unless you're out in the boonies.
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Yeah you are right. I checked the prices. There are a lot of polos in sale for $35.

Today I went to a store to try on some polos. I tried one in size L which fitted really well. I like to wear polos a little bit tight. The XL size was also possible but I had too much room under my arms I think. I dont like that. I wonder if RL polo shirts will shrink a lot after washing? My La coste long sleeve shirts shrenk quiet a bit.

Should I buy a L or XL ?
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I'd go with L, they don't shrink much in my experience but if you want to minimize shrinkage just dry them until they are damp, then hang to dry.
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They don't shrink much, plus if they do they stretch out very quickly after about 45 minutes of wear.
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Ok guys This morning I bought a white RL polo shirt in size L. 45 euros. I think I buy the others via internet :-) for $35. But I had to have one to try the first time. Meanhwhile I sent the seller on ebay an email two days ago and asked him if he could send me a few pictures of the shirts (close ups). So here are the pictures. Take a look and tell me what you think. xerxes this is what he said about the polos btw:
hi, thanks for the email :-) I guarantee that the shirts are 100% authentic - this will be obvious when you receive them - and you are correct, they are overstocks....there is no such thing as buying them from a Ralph Lauren licensed factory...any factory that makes shirts for Polo is not allowed to sell them to anyone except Polo - when you think about this it makes sense - why would a factory be allowed to sell Polo shirts to anyone except Polo? if another seller tells you that is where they get them they are lying to you....packaging them as a gift is no problem....just tell me how much to declare for customs....and I have attached a few photos of close ups of a few styles for of the photos is of plain gray (I also have plain colors).... david :-)
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bump no one ?
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