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What about a black blazer? I've heard differing views on this (navy only and black is "OK"). I have a black Chester Barrie DB blazer that I like very much, and in truth it's not that much different than my midnight blue BB blazer under most lighting conditions.
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What complexion, in your opinion?

Darker complexions have looked best in blacks, imo. White people just contrast too much with everything.
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Apart from using the search function and not asking oft answered questions - nothing. Some do some don't - the 'don't' can be very vocal but are irrelevant.
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My response to this thread is to pop off my monocle and exclaim, "Alack! Unhand me, young ruffian!"

- B
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Black is a relatively severe color, and has two primary associations:

1) formality
2) fashion (in the dumbed-down Hollywood sense of the term)

It's not always a good choice for an office environment, but black is a great color.
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Historically, in an age when rules mattered in society, black was reserved for formal evening wear. Whether you choose to adhere to formal rules in this day depends on how you feel about tradition. While I see fewer and fewer men wearing suits, I see many who on the occasion when they do so wearing black suits. If that is what pleases them, that's fine. But in a professional world, they will be judged by those few who abide by traditioinal rules. It may or may not impact them, but it's a risk of ignoring rules.
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