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Sneaker article...for la guy, et al

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Twenty minute study break.... I found this interesting... One more obscure fact, I stopped by Loro Piana after my clinical gig yesterday and found out that 100% cashmere "storm guard" fabric costs an upward of $700 a yard. Yikes... I can't even afford the raw materials... norcal
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I waited in line at Niketown Honolulu for 3 hours just to buy those damn ugly lebron james sneakers. That certain pair however was limited to 3000 pairs and that is why i stood in line hoping that he would pan out to be the next best thing in sports. I mean, i was 4 years old when the first jordans came out, and im not about to miss out on history again. Anyways, back to the point, I always have a soft spot for sneakers and would be put somewhat into that hipster group that like thier vintage denim and rare nike dunks. Maybe im the only one here? I mean i like a nice pair of Ferragamo, gucci, alden and would like a pair of John Lobb bespoke, but sneakers is my first love, especially those damn nikes. And i know some people may be anti-nike with its commercialism, politics and crap, but i feel Nike is on top of its game when it comes to  sneaker design. Adidas comes in a close second, but thier modern sneakers are atrocious.
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I actually really wanted a pair of the Nike Laser dunks I'm with Balla - sometimes, the occasion calls for a pair of Gucci loafers, or Prada boots, or Ferragamo pumps. And very occasionally, (although this occasion has never happened to me,) a pair of bespoke John Lobbs may be needed. But I'll always reach for my beat up Chucks first.
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Hehe, For casual shoes... I've been sporting haze dunks to kick around in lately. I love dunks... Pete
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