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League Of Legends

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I'm seeing some Blizzard love on the forum, so I'm wondering if anyone is playing this DoTA off-shoot. It's a free game, with patches coming out twice a month, including new champions. It's pretty damn good.
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I do like it, but I'm finding the amount of noobs + implementation of pointless rune & mastery system + constant focus on adding more champions to the game* puts LoL in the same vein as TF2 in being a great game tarnished by the developers need to constantly update and add things in that don't really benefit the game in the long term. If they got rid of the rune & mastery system and at least half the champions it'd be a much better game for it, but alas.. *admittedly I do play DotA as well which has a similar amount of champions, but the easy accessibility of all the champions (no unlock system or anything) makes the whole thing a much easier affair
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actually I really like it. I like the rotating system of hero choices that increses the learning effects for noobs. I like the chat system, the easy way to add friends. actually this game has everything I miss on dota and starcraft 2. and the item system is the best I have ever seen ..
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the thing is....dota is 10000000x better
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I like Dota and Hon, still haven't tried this, but I might because Hon's lag problems have been atrocious lately.
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Originally Posted by slycedbred View Post
the thing is....dota is 10000000x better

league of legends has 1 trader, with many more items than dota. you get proposals which items are good for your hero and dont have to buy each item one by one for the better ones. just click on them and you got it. you dont have enough money? no problem, just buy as much as you want, you can click on each combinatoric step for one item.
you lagg out of the game? no problem, start the game again or even restart your computer and join the game you left.
you liked a player of a game you played yesterday? just right click on him in your history and add him. I played this game for 1 week and have already 10 friends who are really cool to play with, in dota the same number of friends took 1 year when in public games.
you want to play a random game 5v5 but only 2 of your friends are online? no problem, add as many friends as you want ..
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The amount of strategy in the game is intense at the higher ELO's. It's amazing how much the metagame will shift over just a couple months. And Riot (the company behind LoL) addresses champion inequalities fairly quickly.
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At their current states, how would you guys rank LoL, DoTA, and HoN (in terms of pub)? I stopped HoN way back in the beta stages cause a few heroes would wreck pub games, and so, it got boring.
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Dota has by far the worst pub games. Everyone can leave whenever he feels like. HoN is alright leaverwise, but skillwise most of the palyers have no clue, but didnt play for ~3 months or so. LOL i just played in the Beta, it was alright. so its dota>lol=hon even tought lol&hon are no fun in my semiproffesional oppinion. waiting for valve dota!
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really old thread so maybe this won't get any responses, but if anyone wants to play on eu west you can add ulfa

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anyone play on US server here?

try to find someone play duo queue ranked
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I play. fullofbull58 is my name on it.

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I use to play but due to the massive amounts of rage I quit.

Solo que is terrible, especially at low ELO. So unless your really good, ranked isn't an option if you like wining.

Playing with friends is usually the best way to go.
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i stop being mad at this game months ago even i'm losing or someone rage, Just mute them.

It's really fun. lol
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