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Zenobi Shoes.

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I think I swallowed something green...
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The "half boot" isnt bad, but I've seen it done better by Tricker, EG, and etc.

The 'shoes' are atrocious. They remind me of elf shoes. Ok if you are an elf, lame if you are not.
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At 5'3" I might be able to pull these off . . .

Anyone know where I can find bespoke tights?
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Originally Posted by Rolo
Anyone know where I can find bespoke tights?

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What's wrong with those shoes? I like the the "derby" line. Something I would wear. Of course, I have no idea about the price or quality...
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Zenobi got a mention in one of the French shoe magazines last year, a positive review FWIW. Someone was selling them on ebay as the poor man's Berluti a while back.
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After loosing my luggage and enduring a rain storm in my one pair of loafers two weeks ago I picked up a pair of the Derbys for 50% off in Lucca for something like 120 euro.

They really are pretty nice: the leather is hand stained and they are a mix of blake rapid and a strange sort of hand-stitched construction. I'll try to post some photos when the luggage (which is lost again) arrives.
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Zenobi makes a real nice range of shoes, IMO. Santoni without the heavy price tag....

Where in Lucca? Franco's home is not far away, and we spend most evenings in Lucca when we are there. One of my favorite cities.
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Collodi Buchignani at 18 Via S. Girolamo. Nothing else seemed particularly nice, but there were a number of pairs of of Zenobi shoes.
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