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Originally Posted by Edward Appleby
Just a rough start here:

Borrelli | Drakes | Charvet | Marinella

Brioni | Kiton | Barbera | T&A

Canali | Altea

Polo | BB
About right guys?

No experience with Borelli or Marinella. Love Charvet, but they strike me as kind of delicate. Drakes seem nice, but I fail to see what all the fuss is about overthem.

I would put Canali ahead of Brioni and Brioni ahead of Kiton, based on the ties I own from those makers. I would rank Battistoni and Bizocchi ahead of Brioni and up near Canali. The one Altea tie I have seems pretty mediocre, certainly much inferior to Canali.

Doubt if I'd buy another Polo tie unless it were heavily marked down. I have never seen a Brooks tie I'd purchase except at a near-giveaway price.

I generally rate ties by their substance and the knots they make.
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Note: I'm a F-I-H person, so I wouldn't know if they tied a great windsor, but judging by the knots they tie, RLPL is fairly low on my list because it has such a narrow tying area, which makes for a very small knot (especially if you're on the taller side of regular-length ties).

I think Drake's is a bit overrated based on two that I've had. One was returned, and the other one, while ties a nice knot, has a slightly warped interlining that doesn't lay flat with the silk. This may be because they are from STP, but I thought they were overstock and not seconds.

I really like the one Borrelli (in 50/50 cashmere/silk) I own, so that's probably my #1. Haven't had experience with Marinella or Kiton, however.
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I'd place Charvet, Hermes, Kiton and Charles Hill at the top, followed by RLPL, Brioni and, when the print is right, Turnbull. Borrelli, Luciano Barbera and Robert Talbott come next. Don't particularly care for Ferragamo and have no real experience with Drakes.
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No love for Carlo Franco? I like it just as much as my Kiton's. I also have a Domenico Vacca tie that I absolutely love, great big knot and a magnet for compliments.
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How are Massimo Bizzocchi ties?

I saw some on Virtual Clothing Horse.. A pretty good deal...
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"How are Massimo Bizzocchi ties?"

The construction is good. It's the patterns that are often questionable.
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