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Comfy all-around shoes...

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Hello all. Pardon for coming across like the total newbie that I am...but Im in need of a new pair of shoes and wanted everyone's opinion. Im looking for a pair of shoes that would last me perhaps 2-3 years, if possible. I would use them to go out dancing and clubs, but would also like to wear them to say an interview or a fancy restaurant.  Also, if possible, I would wear them to class occasionally with the million pairs of streetwear jeans I have. I wouldn't use them for everday-use, but say perhaps 3 times a week.  (Am I asking for too much here?)  =]  Anything upto the $300 range would be nice. Preferably brown. I know Kenneth Cole (yikes did I just say that) makes an ok one, with a rubber sole, but I find them to be rather clunky and heavy-looking. Any advice on where to start?  Pics would be cool, too. Thanks guys. Personal experiences with certain shoes also welcome.
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http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Catalog/Fan/ Check out AF37; AF25; AF28 Will last a lot longer than 2-3 years. Still close to your price range. ($345)
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Try these leather brogue boots (click the link below, sorry it's rather long but select men's shoes, Grenson, Authentic Country and brogue boot). They come in either a dark-chocolate colour (called the cyclone as in shown the site) or an orangie brown (called the tan gorce). These are Grenson country boots, made in the UK with commando rubber welted soles. I have both colours which I ordered through the site for 125 pounds sterling each plus mail. The cyclone colour is good for smart-casual office wear (ie a pair of black slacks and a nice custom dress shirt) and the tan gorce goes well with jeans. They are very durable, comfortable and you can even wear them in the rain as its design for UK country weather, ie damp and muddy.
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