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McDougall diet/lifestyle

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Has anyone hear ever heard of the McDougall diet/lifestyle? I am very interested in doing it and maintaining it. I have only heard good things about it. Any opinions?
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They sound like vegetarian nutjobs. "Fat and cholesterol: Primary poisons" Eek.

Also, his diet would be terrible for anyone remotely active. It's almost entirely carbohydrate based. I would also guess that the diet is in fact so low-fat as to impair nutrient absorption and impact neurological function, but I haven't read much on absurdly low-fat diets.
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It sucks. Like the Fuhrman version, it's pretty bland and about as exciting as watching a dog lick his own balls. Nutritionally, I suppose it can be okay, but I'm more Paleo, but I'm also a diabetic. My blood glucose was decent on Fuhrman and McDougall, but I think that's mostly because of the elimination of sugars and grains. My BG levels eating VLC Paleo are pretty outstanding and in the "normal" levels without needing medication. Guess which one I prefer?
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I just Googled it. My first thought was "this is literally a bread and water diet". Then I saw that he doesn't allow bread, so I guess it's more like a gruel and water diet.
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The McDougall diet is a low-fat diet intended to help individuals lose weight and enjoy better health.

That's as far as I got. Dietary fat isn't what makes you fat.
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well eating a lot of it will get you fat
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i can't believe a doctor can be so misinformed. well he does preface by saying his training never included nutrition the least he could do is cite his shit
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The McDougall diet is a low-fat diet intended to help individuals lose weight and enjoy better health. It is even said to help reverse certain health conditions, without requiring medication. The diet was created by an American doctor named Dr. John McDougall. Dr. McDougall asserts that a range of diseases can be prevented if people eat whole, unprocessed foods that have low-fat content.
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