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Same issue here. I have made extra holes between existing holes and this works fine, doesn't really ruin the leather, but I admit aesthetically, it's not great. I also tried shortening the belt at the buckle, but sometimes, if you use the same belt on different pants which sit at different heights at your waist, then the same issue occurs.


In the end, I made my own simple belts and punched 3 holes more closely spaced than the typical 1 inch spacing so that it can be adjusted to a better fit.



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Originally Posted by msulinski View Post

^shortening the belt should be easy, assuming the buckle can come off without ruining the belt

I guess that's the million dollar question. It's an Allen Edmonds Manistee belt, and there appears to be is some fairly significant stitching keeping the buckle on. I just worry that even if the cobbler were to be able to do it, the new stiching wouldn't hold up as long as the old.


I may just get someone to punch an extra hole an inch in, and live with the extra loose end length. Better than just throwing the belt away, I suppose.

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Arrrgggghhhh. Take your belt to a cobbler or even a decent men's clothing store that sells Alden or AE. They can shorten the belt to whatever length you want/need for a few bucks. Having an extra hole is a silly, lazy idea given a proper is readily available.
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