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pretty nice. who makes it (I guess ervell), how is the quality and where can I get it wink.gif ?

Isn't that one of the Inis Meain sweaters made for Nitty Gritty? Bureau in Belfast has a pretty good selection.
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yeah pretty sure nitty gritty had it. wish inis meain made an XS or something, their knits are so nice but would probably be a little too large on me frown.gif

the SS ijevan cardigan (white/blue) from this year certainly qualifies as epicurean, i feel:

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it's time to bump
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dat jil sander. drool.gif she took a fishermans knit and made it delicate and luxurious


Is that from this fw?

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they're all old jil

btw I have one of those

and it's he
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all jil.
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color block one from fw09 was the best. was so delicious.
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Anybody own any sweaters from Aran Crafts? Wonder how they compare to Inverallan and IM, could be a decent alternative for us non ballers
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Have no idea about the quality of them, but try John Molloy for a similar pricepoint, IMO their designs look nicer.

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this is not the thread for that
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John Molloy > Arancraft, though both are pretty itchy and fit rather loose for their sizing.
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Has anyone bought knits from Drake's? I'm thinking about getting a camel hair cardigan but I'm not sure about sizing. Lambswool cardigans are real nice as well but the smallest size seems to be 42 (?).
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Why's this thread been so slow? Sweater weather is in full effect! Crumby snapshots to get the ball rolling again.


The stack:





Grid lines=






The neck's cool


But has no one noticed the nifty sleeve construction?



More Jil





Neil Barrett . He has some nice pieces and quality is on par with Jil.



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