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That thing terrifies me

looks like some Alien would wear on the weekends when it was just relaxing around the house
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Lumen et Umbra 'ecological wool' sweater:




"By applying a gray stain from the back of the fabric, woven fabric to a table of random
We issued a village-like atmosphere of exquisite border also mistaken,

Work has been finished in time and ideas were packed.

Arm is narrowed somewhat, familiar to body patterning in the stress-free
You can feel the warmth of knit-specific tenderness."
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Based on the description I think I'd prefer "literate wool."
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312405_mrp_in_l.jpg312405_mrp_e1_l.jpg balenciaga

197825_mrp_in_l.jpg197825_mrp_cu_l.jpg YSL

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imo, all ugly except the first one
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Thread Starter 
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Need MOAR knits!


But really, I like that schneider knit from above. Would definitely get that.

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Damn, this thread is awesome. Love that Schneider knit above too.

Definitely gonna invest in some balla knits this f/w.
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I don't know if anyone already post this brand: Howlin'by Morrison







All pics and details about the brand on our website...




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Oo speckled
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I have a knit by Howlin. Average stuff
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Well, the prices aren't exactly baller either. You get what you pay for.

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pretty much
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threak needs moar dope knits. i've yet to find a knit that compels me to pull out my card and instantly kop this season.
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