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Originally Posted by MichaelPemulis View Post has SNS herning knits. I have no idea why, it doesn't really fit with the rest of their stuff at all.

It helps that Streetammo is also located in Denmark (, and SNS is a Danish brand. They also get Knowledge Cotton, Fjallraven, and Sibin Vasiljevic.

Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post
Those prices are amazing. Someone's gotta cop those sea blue starks at $180... too bad they don't carry any size S =/

Yeah... I asked them about this, and they said their distributor didn't get any Smalls. A shame -- I'd clear them out otherwise. Maybe if other people email and ask for Smalls.
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yep, despite being located in dk, they don't charge international shipping. are you sure you would actually wear an S in their knits? I definitely think they run one size small.
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I'm a Small in the Naval, which is what I'd like right now.
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Since we're talking about SNS, and I didn't get a response in the ask a question thread: For people with both a Stark and a Fisherman, did you get the same size in both? Any differences in the fit?
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^I'm wondering that too..
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just picked up my Stark in ox blood...

im a solid medium in Stark and Fisherman Zip
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i miss my margiela shawl-collar
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Anyone own any Coventry knits?
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im generally not a fan of ndg, but I love this knit. perfect for the winter
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I have one Thom Browne, one Band of Outsiders and Gant by Michael Bastian I'll throw up some pics when I get my camera here at school
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I really like this one, though I'd prefer it it were a little shorter in the back.

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Knit of the week apparently since like 5 people bought it.

I want to be number 6. Where can I buy this?
post #118 of 1067 free worldwide shipping until tomorrow
post #119 of 1067 XL ONLY is it really slim by any chance?
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sup rich what happened to you in the nba thread dawg?

who was your team again?
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