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I ordered an L2T tee from kevins store ill leave feedback on it when i get it.
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Originally Posted by kpmcdermott View Post
Doctor and Spliff, thanks for your feedback! Spliff, I encourage you to try the L-2T. It is more slim than you'd think. While the shirts are water-treated (supposedly pre-shrunk), they do shrink additionally with a tumble-dry hot. I made sure the length was more than long enough to account for this, but compared to the likes of Banana Republic (mentioned early in the thread), they are much slimmer and made of a thick, sturdy but ultra-comfortable combed cotton.
So I got the L-2T. the fabric is amazing the shirt is really soft and stretchy. I wish all tees had as comfortable fabric as this. the shirt is really baggy on me though but all larges are. ill just get it altered when i have the money. It is advertised as a "2T" so i thought it would be a little longer. it is the same length as my old american apparel 6401 tees (size M) were before shrinking in the dryer and those shirts aren't even advertised as tall lengths. its long enough but will be too short if i accidentally stick it in the dryer. I really think you need to offer slimmer sizes (medium, small). And i guess its just me, but i think the shirt could use another inch or two in length. If the shirts were a little bit longer and offered in mediums id buy them for life...
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Originally Posted by TheChefs View Post
Why don't you get a bigger shirt and take it to a tailor? I've to take all of my shirts to tailer to get them taken in at the waist, you can do the same for tees.

Can they be turned into a v-neck easily?
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I'm in the UK and got some extra long t-shirts from which are brilliant.

I'm 7 foot and they fit me !
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I made a pretty long tee this season. @notwithit bought a few. I use incredibly nice fabric and my tees are $50.00 unless you are a loyalty member. I make everything here in the U.S.A.
It's worth a shot . Good luck.

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as colour make tall tees. there pretty good



you can buy them from here

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.


Not sure what happened to Kevin's store, but i can't seem to get through with the URL he gave. 

I too have been making t-shirts for the tall and slim. I don't have any for sale at the moment, but I'm aiming to have something by late Feb. 

I have a bit more info on my website:


I'll advertise pricing down the track when I've costed all the expenses, but these will be specifically designed for the tall and slim. 



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Well I hate to sound like so many others in this thread, but I've also launched a store to solve this widespread problem. See I'm 6'6" and 210 lbs. That's only because I've put on 30 lbs. since getting married. Most my life I was 180lbs. No t-shirts fit, and the only way to get them to fit was to shell out money for clothing alterations and customizations. No one should have to do that. And now, tall skinny guys don't have to.


Please checkout and learn about TallSlim Tees. The store is current, shirts are for sale, I have inventory. I went through 7 iterations with a manufacturer to get them fitting right. They fit fantastically. A Large is 82cm long and a Medium is 80cm long. Just for comparisons sake, a standard XL is 76cm long.


Also they are 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, so they are soft, flexible and as long as you wash cold and dry low, they won't noticeably shrink.


Please check out these amazing shirts and spread the word. If you want a discount, use my last name DECEUSTER as a coupon code to save $5 per shirt. Trust me, these shirts are what you have been looking for.

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