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Oxxford Gibbons on Ebay

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I just picked up this Oxxford for a good price. Haven't seen it yet but I'm told by the seller (who seems highly reputable) that it is unvented. Does anybody know whether the current Gibbons model is unvented? My searching seems to indicate not. Any views on how it will look unvented - perhaps a bit less conservative?
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Can't answer your technical questions, but I sure do like your new suit!
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are you got an unvented suit? it looked double vented to me, even though the seller said it was had no vents...

my sole gibbons suit is double vented.
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I have 1 gibbons 3 btn and it is double vented.
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I too think that the Gibbons comes standard with double vents, Perhaps this suit had the vents sewn. It might be possible for the seller to examine the suit and tell you if that is the case.

I think the Gibbons would look better with the double vents.
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You can clearly see the two vents in this photo from the auction:

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Nice double-vented suit.
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Great looking. I just saw it in person when I was at Neiman Marcus yesterday and the my salesman Bill was wearing it nicely, who turns out to be the store's Oxxford rep.
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Nice looking suit.
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I would like kb's critics to note his praise for this suit. I could have noted earlier when several were dissing him that he has praised some of my ebay purchases of clothes other than kiton or brioni.
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