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Edgy new tailors in nyc

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The current issue of Details magazine includes an article about new tailor/designer shops in NYC.Does anyone have any experience with any of these places ?-------Mr Ned,Craig Robinson, or Duncan Quinn.Also has anyone any experience with one called Thom Browne? Should any of these bright young things of tailoring be members of this forum, don't be shy.I happen to like slight variations on the classic suit and these places would seem to fit the bill.One really has to share a vision with such a place and sometimes this is just not meant to be but sometimes it IS. I go to NYC every so often but don't have to time to do the WHOLE town sartorially speaking ,so I need some help winnowing out the pack. BTW  I apologize for the use of the word 'edgy'.
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I've been to Duncan Quinn, it's right around the block from me. The suits are outstanding. They're slim cut... I guess you can say it has "edgy" styling. They also make use of color, I saw a suit with orange pinstripes that looked pretty cool. I'm not really sure where I'd actually wear one of these fashionable suits though.
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Isn't Mr. Ned the tailor WesAnderson goes to, and has had make up wardrobes for his films ("The Royal Tenenbaums")?
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I know this is not specifically related to the context but what is the opinion on Oswald Boateng? I do not own his items but to me they seem quite appealing.
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Boateng is to tailoring as Berluti is to shoes.
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Mr Ned does very nice affordable clothing. You can get sharp but not edgy. They made all of the camel hair clothing for Wes Anderson's The Royal Tannenbaum. They just made a few items for Tommy Hilfiger's show. Craig Robinson does serious Glam Rock clothing. Great details. I was at Craig's Most recent show. he keeps getting better. He actually makes the clothes on site, unlike Duncan Quinn and Thom Brown. Brown's stuff looks like you got caught in the rain and your suit shrunk. Ned will give you what you seem to be looking for. Carl www.cego.com
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Holy thread-revival. If you want to see Thom Brown off the rack, Bergdorf's sells it on the third floor. An initial inspection I did revealed canvased fronts, a touch of hand-work and an absurdly high price tag. The look was actually sort of Wes Andersony -- imagine English public school-boy meets Helmut Lang.
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