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Why is Restaurant Service So BAD at times these days? - Page 8

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Holy shit, SF was so great back in the day.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

"A couple of times, I have had servers not bring the marinara sauce that was suppose to come with mozzarella cheese sticks, just because I ordered a side of ranch along with it."

Holy. Fucking. Lol.

Oh. Now I see where the Ranch Love comes from.

Carry on, then.
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Search for "springs1" and autocomplete suggests "ranch dressing".
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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

Search for "springs1" and autocomplete suggests "ranch dressing".

The first thing that autocompletes is "springs1 identify." There are threads about this person on multiple boards! Apparently this person is well known for her penchant for ranch dressing ON THE SIDE.

This is awesome. And English to Springs1 translator. I just typed in "ranch dressing" and got "RANCH dressing" back.

One of her blogs:

A blog conversation she had with someone else:

Starts off awesome:
2012/03/08 at 6:01 pm Adventures With Molly: What made you start writing “How to Be a GOOD Server in a Restaurant”?

2012/03/09 at 4:35 am Springs1: “What made you start writing “How to Be a GOOD Server in a Restaurant”?”

Common sense would tell you, BAD SERVICE. When I keep getting the SAME SERVERS doing the same things over and over again that are wrong with my food, you tend to get SICK of the bad servers out there.
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I thought this was recent. plain.gif
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Wow I didn't realize she was (in)famous outside SF
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post

Wow I didn't realize she was (in)famous outside SF

who is she? Do you know the OP?
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Springs1 makes an appearance in Seattle?
SEATTLE (AP) — Police say a Seattle fast-food customer who wanted three packets of ranch dressing but learned he would have to pay for the third flew into a rage and attacked a 68-year-old man who tried to calm things down.

On their website, police say the ranch fan at a Jack in the Box restaurant started yelling about being overcharged when he was told the third packet would cost 25 cents.

Trying to prevent a scene, the cashier gave the customer a third container of dressing Monday but that didn’t sooth him.

At that point, a 68-year-old customer who had heard all this stepped in but the irate customer shoved that man to the ground. Police say the 68-year-old was not seriously hurt.

The angry customer mumbled something about having a knife, climbed on a purple bike and rode away.
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I don't think Springs1 is really the bike riding type.
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This was a great thread. We need more of these.
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Originally Posted by Springs1 View Post

(c is for coke, dp is for dr. pepper, etc.)

I always thought "DP" stands for double penetration.
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Originally Posted by Springs1 View Post

Many times I will go into a restaurant and the servers won't check over the food they bring you with their written orders for any OBVIOUS errors that they don't have to TOUCH the food to notice the mistake or mistakes. Also, other servers that run the food that aren't your server won't compare the ticket to the food BEFORE they bring it out.

If there are any servers out there, can you please tell me WHY you would all rather make several trips, a bad tip, a pissed off customer, etc. just to not take 30 seconds to a minute per plate to check the food? It's time consuming, but it makes the server look STUPID, like a complete IDIOT bringing you the completely wrong food or forgetting a side dish. I know they aren't idiots or stupid, but in a way they are by not thinking about where their income is coming from to not try their best.

I have had times when the servers wrote it down even and can't bring out ONE appetizer with adding a condiment or two such as 2 sides of ranch or a side of ranch. Then, you nicely remind them and they don't even say they are sorry. Why is that? They should know they would get a better tip the NICER they are, but instead they don't want to admit fault for their tip, but we already KNOW who is at fault anyway so WHY are you all hiding it?

I am just truly tired of the lazy and uncaring servers out there that don't care about WHAT they bring to your table. Sometimes it's really a real mistake, but 99% of the time that something is obvious that is wrong that is the server's fault, it's that they didn't even give it a TRY to get it right, they just brought it out instead of checking things over. I understand it's time consuming, but your money is on the line, you decide what your tip will be by CARING about what you bring to the table as far as obvious mistakes are concerned.

Also, what is it about server's AUCTIONING off drinks in a large party? Normally, I am just dining out with my husband, so I am 95% of the time just in a party of 2, but sometimes I have been in a large party. Why can't servers make an "x" chart of pretend chairs in a row on top and bottom knowing which person had what?


Party of 10



Top row: 1. c 2. dp 3. sp 4 w/lem 5. c

(c is for coke, dp is for dr. pepper, etc.)

bottom row: 1. t w/lem 2. coke 3. water, 4. margarita w/s rocks 5. Chardonnay - Kendall Jackson

There is NO REASON why servers should be asking "Who had the dr. pepper?" "Who had the coke?" if you took the order. You wrote it down, you should know and the only way you should get mixed up is if the people switched seats on you.

Servers sometimes are too lazy to write orders down even, even after telling them "It's a complicated order and a lot of things, you might want to write it down."

Some servers don't notice if you have any utensils before serving you food.

Some servers won't offer you refills even.

I don't get why some servers don't write down refill request, don't have their pad of paper ready to write down what you say when they GREET you even(have ordered lots of things at a greeting even fully ordered before), don't write down simple request like extra napkins, a to-go box, a bag, the check, etc. I understand it's time consuming, but when you all forget that stuff, MORE POINTS OFF for NOT EVEN TRYING OR CARING to REMEMBER WHAT I ASKED FOR, then you all complain on blogs about customers running you asking you all for things one at a time, when can you blame them when you all end up not getting it right when we DO consolidate all our request at once.

A good example, I asked for a refill, more bread, and some extra napkins. The waiter forgot the napkins. I understand that nobody is perfect, but if you have a bad short term memory(which I personally do), I would write down even the small stuff. You all wonder why customers run you, well that's why from experience that it doesn't help a lot of times if we do ask for many things at once. The server ends up forgetting something usually, because they CHOSE not to write it down. All servers should come with their pad and pen READY for what the customer might ask, which could be SEVERAL things at once, especially in a party of even 4 or larger even.

Why you all don't write down the small request? If I were a server, I would have to write all of that down, because I really am not good at remembering things that are just said to me such as people's names. Once someone says something, a lot of times I forget, but I have a good long term memory.

Another time, I asked for a to-go box, a to-go coke, a bag, and the check. The waitress DIDN'T write all of those 4 request down, which she forgot the bag. I am not perfect, don't expect anyone else to, but I DO expect TRYING YOUR BEST and writing it down is the way to prove that. If you at least wrote it down, then forgot, it counts LOTS MORE in the tip than if I see you were too lazy to write it down to TRY to remember it. You all don't want to make a zillion trips, write it down when customers like us ask for lots of things at once. We try, but you have to try to help yourselves. You all get mad at the people that ask for one thing at time, but then if you give a server several things without them writing it down, chances are, they aren't going to get it right.

Can you all please tell me WHY you all don't WRITE those request down when you have maybe 3, 4, or maybe even 5 other tables that need things that you aren't writing down either that you have to remember as well?

Can you all tell me WHY you all don't make sure the food doesn't have any obvious mistakes on it that you don't have to TOUCH the food to notice the mistake if you are the server that took the order?

Sometimes I get a little down in life, but then I reread this Fred and everything is smiles. Ear to ear, baby.
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