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Originally Posted by hermes man View Post
not really armani ties dont have logos unlike Louis Vuitton or Hermes ties so not really classy
You can't be for real. You are too perfect. This is all some sort of art project, isn't it?
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Stefano Ricci, nothing beats them for the price...but only if you like them wide and substantial

Second best used to be Sulka
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Charvet is my favorite. They make perfect knots and their patterns are almost always attractive. They're extremely delicate, though.

Another brand worth mentioning is Leonard Paris. Their floral patterns are gorgeous, although definitely not for everybody. I get more compliments on my Leonard Paris ties than any other.
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Ralph Lauren, Drakes & Alexander Olch.
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Borrelli, Bizzocchi, A. Di Capua, Isaia, Brioni, Stefano Ricci all tie a great knot.
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Originally Posted by Rob_Sutherland View Post
Arny's (though not any of their over-the-top designs), Hermes, Marinella & whomever makes T&A's ties.

I think Drake's makes T&A's ties, but don't quote me on that.

The ones I have a real difficulty with are Dolce Punta. I have two and they just don't work for me.


I don't get Dolcepunta. The patterns and colors look nauseating to me. I'm sure they're extremely well made and all, but mein Gott, they're ugly.
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1. Hermes

2. Tom Ford

3. Ferragamo

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I've really been drawn to Duchamp lately....I know they don't have a lot of fans on here, but I think there are some great designs if you don't mind "loud".

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I really like Marinella and Holliday & Brown and Battistoni prints. 3.25 or 3.5 inches They look good with everything, and are matte, not shiny

They're lightly lined, which makes for a good FIH knot

The silk is very high quality too, and the creases disappear quickly on a tie rack

Cappelli and Hober offer similar ties, I still have to try those. Drakes too
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Seaward & Stern is becoming a favorite. I have had some wonderful PL ties from Napoli Su Misura, Nicky Milano but haven't seen them for a while, Kiton
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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

I don't have a favorite. I buy ties that I like....regardless of brand. I never try to match to a shirt. If it's something I like, I scoop it up!


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LOVE Kiton and Brioni for heft and construction.  Best dimples EVER!

LOVE Rubinacci and Versace for silk.

LOVE Leonard Paris and Ferragamo for whimsy.

LOVE Ferre and Valentino for "Italian Look"

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Hober 6 folds are my new favorite ties. Wonderful heft and first class workmanship.

Kiton are also quite nice.

Brioni have been hit or miss for me. I think they must switch back and forth between makers, as their construction seems to be somewhat erratic. (All high quality, but quite different.)
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