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Classic workwear/country boots

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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a good quality pair of classic brown leather boots for less than £300 and I'd like your input. I live in the UK so it would be cool if I could get something which was available locally but I would be willing to import a pair that I really loved.

The list of potential options I have come up with is as follows:

Alfred Sargent Norwood - £120

Tricker's Burford - £200

Crockett and Jones Snowdon - £310 (This would be pushing it budget wise)

Alden 405 Indy boots (I would have to order these from the states) - £200+

Which of the above would you go for? Are there any real differences in quality or does it essentially come down to slight differences in styling, colour etc? If any of you have suggestions for alternatives that would be cool. To put things into context my personal style is pretty simple - APC Rescues, LVC 201s, Sterlingwear peacoat, merino v-necks, collared shirts, plain t-shirts...

Cheers guys
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C&Js. the Tricker's are cool too.

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I like the Trickers best and the indy brings in a second. On the C&J the sole looks quite chunky in relation to the lines on the rest of the boot. Of course that's really a horrible picture for me to make that judgement but still. Of those boots the Alfred Sargent is the only one I'd have any question about quality on but that's only because I'm not as familiar with the brand. I wouldn't hesitate with the other 3.
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I like the C&J best

didnt Alden have a similar combat boot (not the ones you pictured)...I think someone posted a pic in the WAYW thread but it's probably well and buried now.
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I'll take the Alden Indy, since its styling is more versatile than the other 3. However, keep in mind that I wear mostly military-esque jackets, tees and jeans, which the Indys are more suited with.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
I like the C&J best

didnt Alden have a similar combat boot (not the ones you pictured)...I think someone posted a pic in the WAYW thread but it's probably well and buried now.
I was thinking the same thing. If you like the C&J get the very similar Alden version of the same thing in shell cordovan.

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I was going to say that those boots must be out of his 300 pound price range but then I checked a currency converter and I'm amazed that the dollar is so weak. I change my vote to the cordovan Aldens.
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ok, i have no idea why i remember this but the WAYW post that i think people are talking about is by rnrswitch. it's got a couple of pics of him (or at least i think it's him) wearing jeans and the Aldens. looks really good. if he's reading this thread, maybe he can repost here?

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Thanks for the responses. The Cordovan Aldens are pretty slick, although i'm not crazy about the burgundy colour, but I would be looking at paying a pretty hefty amount on top of the $500 that they go for: 30-40 dollars shipping plus 17.5% tax and 6-7% duty on top of that which is calculated on the price of the goods combined with the shipping. I was originally leaning towards the indys but decided to look for alternatives for that very reason.
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They make the same or a very similar pair in black, and possibly "cigar" (brown, cigar wrapper color). You might be able to get someone to ship them to you as a gift to avoid the duty and tax?
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Throw in a patriotic Adelaide-boy vote for RM Williams. Im going to swing by their outlet when I am back there in September.

Blast from the past question - whatever happened to Dr Martens? I mean I guess they still exist, I had a pair that I loved when I was about 19, barely heard a peep out of them since.
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They are still around and available, not as popular anymore. Their production moved to China a few years back and there have been quality questions since (I haven't seen any real evidence either way). But in any case, most of the stuff they make can be found in better construction by other brands now.
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I'm partial to the Aldens since their Plaza last fits me perfectly in the AF23 and 36. Have you seen the Alden of Carmel website?

They have a good selection of boots but their last has to fit your feet. I wear a size UK 8E in the C&J 337 last; UK 8.5E in the C&J 325 last; US 9D in the Alden Plaza last and US 10.5D in New Balance 991/992 running shoes.

Good Luck.
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I'm pretty fond of the Tricker's Burford. I'm not sure what your color you're thinking about, but I love their expresso color.

I recently bought the Tricker's Malton's and I'm pretty pleased, but can't tell you how much I love them, since I'm breaking them in.
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