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My adventures in (DIY) shoemaking -- part 10

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For those of you still following my efforts to learn shoemaking (for previous post, see here:, here is my latest pair: a pair of monkstraps in a blue 'Russian Calf', which leather is purportedly tanned in a similar manner to the famous Russian reindeer used by Cleverley. I will likely try to make the shoes a bit more of a midnight blue, so that they are barely distinguisible from black. I tried really hard to make the toe puff blend invisibly into the vamp, no easy thing with a plain vamp such as on these shoes.

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Damn nice, bro. Damn nice. You need another guinea pig - since I can use some midnight oxfords or monks.
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You got mad skills
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you should really be proud, well done!
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I have no idea what to say. Simply inspiring!

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Whomever gave this thread less than 5 stars needs to be shot.
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Wow! Nicely done.
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Very nice!
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Your most impressive work so far. Simply awesome.

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you should try the Vales next ;-)
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Wow! Those are very, very beautiful shoes that you have made. You are blossoming as a great shoemaker -- that you are self-taught is mindblowing. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
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Wow! Lance, you are so great!
Few questions:
How does the leather response? I think I bought the same leather but didn't do anything yet.
The pics are too small, I can't see it clear enough to know for sure, Is it a folded edge? and why you choose folded not other method is so?
Is the upper thread white?

Anyhow, Great work! Keep up!
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WOW. Awesome work. Be very proud - those look amazing.
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