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What's the most versatile A2 leather jacket contract repro?

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What's the most versatile A2 leather jacket contract reproduction?
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Originally Posted by nurktwin View Post
What's the most versatile A2 leather jacket contract reproduction?

I have an Avirex which has been coming out for over 20 years so I'm sure that would qualify it as versatile.
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Check out a Ralph Lauren A-2...prices can range from anywhere between $995.00 to $1295.00
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Goodwear; priced the same or cheaper than RL and infinitely better quality.

Also, Aero, another excellent maker.
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Eastman Leather is also very good.
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Eastman vs Good Wear? Which one is better? And is there a specific contract model number reproduction by Eastman or Good Wear that is the most versatile and best fitting of the A2 reissue models?
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Any more thoughts on Eastman vs Good Wear?
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Cockpit makes some nice very jackets. Some not so nice so choose wisely....
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Obviously, I know what versatile means, but what do you mean by a versatile A-2? Versatile in what way?
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color, hue. a lot of the reissue contracts have different color leather and knits. i'm really looking for the best quality maker, plus the most versatile reissue contract number in terms what it can be worn with.-- jeans and chinos
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Do yourself a favor and visit Acme Depot and decide whether you want a modern or vintage style A-2. They are really two different styles of jacket.


With the vintage version you'll need to remember that they are made to mid-forties style of wear, which means high-waisted and a closer fit. Aero is especially strict in this regard, plus they of course size English.


The Cockpit's quality has become more consistent with their acquisition of Avirex.


Another quality maker is Gibson and Barnes/Flightsuits Inc. Like Cockpit most of their stuff is chemical tanned so the leather has an automotive feel.


Once you go Good Wear you won't want anything else, though...

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As far as wardrobe versatility goes, I'd say go with seal brown as it will go with more, especially shoes. A well made russet will alway be the focus of the outfit, but then that's the point of wearing a correct A2.
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Why a repro? Why not the real thing, made in the USA, from Flightsuits?
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most versatile? one that fits right! go with good wear if you're up for the splurge. if you want a great cheaper alternative that's on par with Eastman (IMO) but about 30% less, get yerself a Bill Kelso. they are now offering more contracts than they show on their website (e.g. Rough Wear, Dubow, and Monarch).

On the other hand, fit can be hella tricky with A2s cause they were originally cut for rail thin dudes about 5"7", 120lbs, with pants hiked up just below their naval (or higher!!). If the A2 is true to original it's gonna feel pretty short. Accordingly, you may actually be better off going with a maker that doesn't give a crap about NOS triple mark Talon zippers, or stitch pattern on the epaulets and save yourself some serious dough.
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I own a Good Wear jacket - not the A-2 - and it's absolutely fantastic in every way, from stitching to lining to the actual FQHH leather. Mr. Chapman is a pleasure to work with, and knowing that he sources the leathers (and the linings, and the zippers, and the buttons, etc. etc.) and puts together the jackets himself in the US is the kicker for me. Can't go wrong.
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