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Suit Jacket as sport coat

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I bought this suit jacket off of ebay and was wondering what peoples opinions are on whether it would look weird or out of place being worn as a sport coat?

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The pattern is not too busy so it looks solid from a distance. Could work well with jeans (if that's your thing), you could probably do khakis and perhaps grey trousers without looking to odd - hard to tell from the auction pic
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EDIT: Misread post.
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It's definitely an orphaned suit coat. But it would look good just as in the auction picture. Perhaps with a Polo shirt and jeans.

I notice that you won the auction for $.01, but that shipping and the required insurance, was $23.50! I guess the seller didn't think it was going to sell for a high price! But you still did OK.
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You're getting ripped off on the shipping.
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Originally Posted by dah328
You're getting ripped off on the shipping.

Yeah, he's getting ripped off on the shipping(actual cost is probably about$9.00), but then, did he "Steal" the coat for $.01?
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It may not be worth the cost, but it would look more like a sportcoat and less like an orphaned suit coat if you replaced the buttons with some a bit more contrasting.
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I generally hate suit coats as sportscoats, but for this one I'm on the fence. It would definitely work if it was textured (more like corduroy). As it stands I think it would still fly.
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I think it will work pretty well, but replacing the buttons would be a good idea. If you're in the shape for it, you might consider getting the waist taken in to give it a little closer fit.
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Well, as others said, the more casual you are, the better a sportcoat it will make.

With jeans...just fine.

With chinos...not bad.

With dressier pants...borderline.

One thing I do like orphaned suit coats for (especially really great quality but fitted pinstripe ones) is a sort of rock and roll look with a black shirt, jeans and boots.
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The men's magazines have shown for years wearing a suit jacket as a sportscoat. I have enough sportscoats and suits that I don't need to do it, but would if I had a certain outfit in mind.
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Hi, Just wanted to thank everyone who replied. Looks like people generally agree that it will work as a sports coat. As for the the shipping being $20.00, the way I look at it... I knew that was what he was charging when I placed my initial bid, I probably wouldn't have continued to bid if it went that much more above what I paid for it. As it stands I consider it a pretty decent deal for what I paid. Thanks again.
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