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Removing shirt pocket(s)

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has anyone ever had this done? can this be done without leaving any marks?
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I did it once, and it worked like a charm. It all depends on the fabric, though (this was a fair-to-middling department-store shirt in cotton broadcloth) - and you'll never know how it's going to react until you start picking that stitching out... What I did was to very carefully open up three or four stitches at the edge of the pocket, and then hand-washed the shirt - I figured if it didn't work, it'd be no big deal to just sew the edge back on. Once I saw that the holes had closed up, I unpicked the rest of the stitches, took off the pocket and hand-washed it again.
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I did it on one of my Borrelli shirts, and it came out quite nicely. I just used a seam ripper and carefully removed the stitches. Be sure not to tug or put too much tension as that can "stretch" the holes. Once I washed the shirt the holes closed up and are practically invisible, even up close.
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thanks for the help guys. will do.
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matadorpoeta, I am glad you asked this question. I find removing the shirt pocket the easiest before you first launder the shirt. To make sure you don't make the holes larger, I suggest cutting the string instead of the unfastening the stitching. I personally find most brands stitch the pockets a little low and also, I personally find no reason for shirt pockets since I don't use them. I am on the short side so the pocket doesn't really help there either. Good Luck in your customization........ -HitMan009
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