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Tailoring question

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I've dealt with different tailoring issues before, but not this one:  Today, I bought two Boss Hugo Boss suits off the rack at Saks Off 5th Ave.  The price was so great that I couldn't resist, but each has the same problem- the shoulders are way too padded for my taste.  I like a slimmer, trimmer jacket. So I bought the suits with big-time reservations, thinking that my tailor might be able to help.  Yet I also vaguely recall hearing horror stories from friends who had the same alteration, and wound up with bad results.  Has anyone here had an off-the-rack suit tailored in this way, with shoulder padding either reduced or eliminated?  I've never had it done, so I wonder if that's fairly routine, or major surgery.  I'd be curious to hear any feedback, so I know whether to get them tailored or return 'em before its too late.  Thanx.
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Take them to your tailor and get his opinion before he actually cuts into them. Off 5th gives you 30 days, if you don't alter the garment.....
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Alterations on a jacket involving sleeve length or waist or usually pretty straight forward. When the alterations involve  shoulders and sleeves they can be quite complicated, it might well be that the whole shoulder and armhole need re-cutting and the sleeves have to be taken out and set in again. Every good men's outfitter offers an alteration service, ask to see a fitter and tell him/her what you would like to have done. If the store refuses to carry out that job, you can be certain it is major surgery and it is better to stay clear off that purchase.
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