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Long-term storage for good clothes

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I was curious, does anyone have any recommendations for storing clothes over a long period of time?

Unfortunately, I do not have the space to hang the clothes, so would need to fold, box or similarly store them. I'd need to keep them in the garage or in a storage facility. Mostly, these are bespoke suits and sportcoats I had made by my favorite tailor that no longer fit but which I would like to keep for the future, in case I should gain a lot of weight, or potentially to give to my kids.

Can I fold them in some way that would not permanently damage the lapels or drape and put them in plastic storage tubs with some cedar blocks?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I know of a few cleaners who offer a seasonal storage plan and I'm sure that any furrier could accommodate you as well.
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Interesting. I hadn't even thought of that (just figured I'd store them in the garage ) but then had to worry about keeping them moth-proof since they wouldn't get any wear or airing.

There are several cleaners here (westside LA) that do that, I expect. Any idea in the broadest sense of what it costs (per year, I suppose)?

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Some dry cleaners near me do it free (for a half-year) with the cost of a dry-cleaning.
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always clean before storing. and check inside your cuffs you may be suprised. use an old tooth brush to clean in there.
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